OOM #13 – Spaced Invaders (1990)


Today on Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness they decided to go with a strange addition, a movie that takes place in Halloween instead of being pure horror of any kind. Let’s see.

I don’t know, sometimes Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness makes some mistakes, and they even admitted so when they started reviewing this film in their video. They wanted to do something light-hearted and fun, but they got something that was boring and somewhat forgettable. This is a kids film, done in the years when the Ninja Turtles and their rubber suits was the hottest shit on town, and along came this decently budgeted film that features some short aliens that come to Earth trying to invade and take over the small town they crash in, after they hear a re-transmission of the War of the Worlds radio adaptation as done by Orson Welles. I particularly love the premise, which might make me not despise this entirely, and the presence of Orson Welles’s voice and the radio play itself as combined with the plot actually works marvels, but the rest of the film becomes tiring very quickly.

When the aliens start to interact with the humans, and since it’s Halloween, it plays the ground for jokes to be made about trick or treating, the way that people don’t take real menace seriously, and all sort of shenanigans, which could work really well, specially in the context of a kids film, but the two main kid characters spend most of the time in their Halloween costumes, without much interaction with the alien themselves until the second half of the film, and by then it’s already that people know what’s going on and try to stop it. There’s no problem there, but the movie keeps putting forward more obstacles to the plot for it to be resolved, trying to create some rivalry between the aliens, some undercurrent about a hierarchy that’s controlling their actions, which doesn’t work at all.

The most telling moment is when the aliens confront the humans and they say that they’re going to make everything explode if they get shot, and you think that this is the big moment when the film reaches it climax, but it still has another half hour left of going back and forth between the kids, the aliens, them trying to find some dynamite to make their spaceship start, trying to sort out some themes and subjects about collaboration between kids and adults, about believing things, which is fine, but it just loads the film with unnecessary filler that breaks down the momentum and makes the film an absolute drag to watch. About halfway through you seem to already be tired of the aliens and think that you’ve seen enough of what they can do, but you still have 50 minutes to go.


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