OOM #10 – Epoch (2018)


The new October Overlook Madness focuses on something new. Since Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness decided to showcase on a film that I had already seen, and since I arrived until 2019, the next film has to move backwards into time, something I’ve done I think once in all these years. The idea is that I find a movie that people have liked enough from 2018 and then watch it and review it here. It ended up being a short film released on Vimeo last year. Care to know what I thought?

Making a short film within the range of the horror film is difficult. It just doesn’t give you enough time to build something truly horrific, unless you aim for the instant and immediate shock. If not, it must aim for an atmosphere that drains your soul quietly and suddenly. There are very few short horror films that are extremely great or even good (let’s not even say about short films in general), but sometimes there are surprises, and filmmakers still think that this sort of work will lead to a bigger project in the future. In the case of today’s short, there’s an ambition that’s commendable: a post-apocalyptic world with a main girl that goes around looking for materials and food to survive, and listens to radio signals to find people to meet and trade with. The film does have a twist, so I won’t discuss it, but most of what could be interesting is reserved for those moments, which include the appearance of a creature and some action sequences that mostly don’t make sense. The ambience is fine, but not too memorable, a bit derivative of other films made recently. Alas, at least it was short.


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