5DoP #5 – Truman (2015)


This is the last review of my 5 Days of Platino feature. I’ve reviewed every film nominated for Best Picture in these awards. After this last review, I shall present a ranking with the 5 films ranked in my order of preference. Enjoy this review!

Overly emotional film that wants to achieve supposedly true moments through the bonding of two friends, but in the end the only true moment of feeling comes when it’s confronted with the relation between a father and his son. Maybe the reason why this doesn’t work that well with me is because I’m not good with the whole friendship thing, as I honestly ask myself most of the time how is that people do it, specially when I’m so self centered, yet at the same time immensely worried about those around me (it’s weird… I’m weird, OK?).

I don’t actually know how to do that thing they call friendship, so the problem here is that ultimately this doesn’t connect with me as much as it should if I was an actually functioning human being with real emotions and thoughts and feelings. Hi, I am a robot. The film’s ultimate goal is to say that one of the most important and enjoyable things in the world is how much these two main characters care about each other.

But, as I said earlier, the whole sequence between father and son in Amsterdam had me on the verge of tears, as well as a scene in a restaurant where the character played by Darin becomes humble, as before that he had acted as an insufferable prick because of his ultimate destiny. Acts like that of pure humility are the ones that touch me deeply as they are so scarce in our world. The rest, it can go one way or the other, it’s a mostly artless film with two great central performances.


5 Days of Platino Ranked

  1. El Club (2015, Pablo Larraín)
  2. Truman (2015, Cesc Gay)
  3. Ixcanul (2015, Jayro Bustamante)
  4. El abrazo de la serpiente (2015, Ciro Guerra)
  5. El Clan (2015, Pablo Trapero)

Hope you all enjoyed this.


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