American Cup 2016 – Film Tournament


Who would’ve known that a new Copa America was just around the corner. After last year’s experience, I was incredibly thrilled to know about the new soccer competition that would make teams from Latin, Central and North America battle for the Cup, in this case as a commemoration of the 100 years that this tournament has been celebrated. So, once again, with the help of some friends, I’ve come up with a tournament of films based on the matches of the Second Phase of the Tournament. Critics from the battling nations have named their favorite films of their respective countries, and thus formed a tournament where I’ll have the deciding vote between the two battling films. I know it’s childish, but hey, it’s fun and it reminds me of the sort of Tournament that would be made around the forums of Les Auteurs, back in 2008-9. Last year’s champion was Argentina, but who’ll be the champion this year? We will know in the upcoming days. The matches are:

· United States vs. Ecuador (June 16th)

· Peru vs. Colombia (June 17th)

· Argentina vs. Venezuela (June 18th)

· Mexico vs. Chile (June 18th)

Which movies will battle? Well, you might have to tune in to find out, there you’ll also know which critics contributed for each country. No repeats from last year! All newcomers. I honestly hope that everyone enjoys this little diversion. Have a great cup!


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