10 Days of Oscar #10 – Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015)


We’ve come to a closure of the 10 Days of Oscar, and I hope you’ve had a great time reading my half-assed thoughts on the movies that were nominated for Best Picture, and the couple that wasn’t that received the most nominations of them all. This movie, the biggest movie of last year, was nominated for 5 awards including Best Editing and Score. So, to close it all off, I give you… Star Wars. After the review I’ll reveal my final rating of the 10 movies reviewed in these 10 Days of Oscar, so stick around!

by Jaime Grijalba.

Everyone on the internet was waiting for this movie, and I did want to see it, as I am a fan of most Star Wars films, and I can even say that I completely like one of the prequel films (Episode III), but the doubts have surrounded me, specially since George Lucas, the initiator of the whole thing is out of the picture, so we might be looking at what most people think is a new world of Fan Fiction, where people take franchises and try to run with them on their own universes and through their own liking and what they think the ideas of where these things should go. It’s a very strange landscape, and not one I’m entirely comfortable with, but I can think of worse things that could happen, and luckily this gives us the chance to see new people trying to give it all a new whirl. But what did happen this time with this particular Star Wars film in retrospective, now that all the sound around it and how it played out with the audience has passed, it has gone out of theaters and everyone has seen it. But, honestly, what’s left to say after weeks of hot takes and reviews?

Not much, to be quite honest. It’s clear that this movie will never come close to the greatness and incredibly constructed adventures of the original trilogy, initially helmed by George Lucas, but it is better than at least two of the prequel films that were released since 1999. I’m not the one to go out of my way to bash what Lucas did in his time, since I’m not that negative around them, as I mostly think of them as entertaining failures, that escape the idea of what a Star Wars movie was supposed to do. And I can honestly say that this seventh episode feels like a Star Wars film again, and that’s the only praise I can give it honestly. Oh, it also is the best acted Star Wars film in the history of the franchise. I can’t think of a better combination of old and new cast members that give their best to charm us: Boyega, Isaac, Ridley, Ford… everyone gives their best here, and I was specially pleasantly surprised with how much importance the character of Han Solo had in the story, and I guess that his ultimate fate has to do with the fact that he is the only actor that was honestly capable of going through the hard work and training that was necessary for the film to have its ultimate appeal and wonderful consequences that will go throughout the rest of the franchise that started.

In the end, it’s a Star Wars film, it’s one that I’ll eventually rewatch dozens of times in my lifetime as it’s always sit well with the idea of being a loud entertaining film that can be watched without paying much attention to ti. It’s never going to be the best movie ever made, but hey, it was never its intention.



10 Days of Oscar Ranked:

  1. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015, George Miller)
  2. The Martian (2015, Ridley Scott)
  3. The Revenant (2015, Alejandro González Iñárritu)
  4. Carol (2015, Todd Haynes)
  5. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015, J.J. Abrams)
  6. Bridge of Spies (2015, Steven Spielberg)
  7. Spotlight (2015, Tom McCarthy)
  8. Room (2015, Lenny Abrahamson)
  9. Brooklyn (2015, John Crowley)
  10. The Big Short (2015, Adam McKay)

See you next year with these ones again! Soon: The Frank Awards 2015.


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