10DoO #9 – Spotlight (2015)


The penultimate review of these 10 Days of Oscar. I hope you’ve had fun, as much as I’ve had it doing these reviews, views and writings scrambled together at the last possible moment. So, without much else to add, I give you the last film reviewed nominated for Best Picture, nominated for 6 Oscars.

by Jaime Grijalba.

Since I’m so behind schedule and I don’t really have a strong opinion on ‘Spotlight’ (2015, McCarthy) besides the fact that I think it’s a good, entertaining film that is definitively worth watching, that I decided to tell you a bit about my education. I studied Filmmaking, or as it was called where I studied “Audiovisual Direction”, which meant that we were able to direct film and TV when we ended our education, which is a lie, but let’s just roll with it. My career was built around a studies program that was called “Social Communication”, and we were on the “Communications Campus”, so that meant that we had to share building, some classes and at times much more than that with all the girls and boys that wanted to be journalists. But not only that, due to the regulations of curriculum at the time we had two whole years taking the same courses with the people who studied ‘Journalism’, but sadly it wasn’t a balanced act, as it was most of the time training for the harder subjects that the future Journalism students would have to face, so I had the chance in those first two years to have a somewhat lacking yet still informative experience as a journalist. I had to interview people, visit places, and do some investigative work and I was able to produce some decent profiles and other kind of pieces, and I quite liked it… not enough to quit my “dream” of being a “filmmaker”, but enough to make me curious to eventually try it again, and I’ve done some chronicles here and there in my free time, and it’s a good experience to go somewhere with the only intention to write about your experience and the people you talked to.

So, I do get that rush, and I do get how well made and tightly edited ‘Spotlight’ is, because it reminded me of that time, and I can fully understand why many critics and reviewers wanted this movie to win the big price, because it reminds them of the work that they studied, as they are majorly journalists, and they can see an exciting picture there where they can identify, so they hype it and they make their mark: the movie is nominated for Best Picture. It won’t win. But it’s there, and that’s thanks to the reviewers who fell in love with the game that supports them.



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