Welcome to 2016.

I think I was too ambitious in 2015 regarding what I wanted for my blog this year. It’s clear that this time around I didn’t have enough time to devote here, writing here and there this year. If it wasn’t for projects that have been classics of this blog, like the 10 Days of Oscars or the 31 Days of Horror (and the new Cup America that was done in celebration of the Chilean American Cup that was celebrated in 2015, and that will be celebrated again this year with the celebratory American Cup that will be played in the United States), there wouldn’t be any new content here. The main reason is the finding that I can’t make myself write that much if there isn’t a personal instant gratification, that means, that if there isn’t an urge to write about something in extension, I won’t do it, and I think that’s an important aspect of what I want to put here on my blog and nowhere else. Because I’ll continue writing in other places, as I’ve always done, and that thought is expanding, and my talents are somewhat growing and I find myself reaching for more and more. I hope that I make something good in 2016, as I see it as a year that will probably be filled with work, but I can’t promise more here than what I already gave you this year, and what I can promise is this:

· Best Films Released in 2015 in Chile (Classic post, turns up tomorrow).

· Best 20 Films of 2015 (around the 23rd of January, my birthday).

· 10 Days of Oscar (10 days before the Oscar ceremony, 10 reviews of the 10 most important films nominated for an Oscar).

· Frank Awards 2015 (I’m not sure when this will happen, but it will happen either between the ‘best of’ and the Oscars or after the Oscars).

· Cup America 2016.

· October Overlook Madness 2016.

Anything beyond that, it’s a welcome surprise for both you and me. I always hope that some day I fulfill my quota and start reviewing random films here and there, for a couple of paragraphs, just to get it out there, but it’s harder each time. I bid you good bye for now and I hope that all of you have a wonderful 2016.


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