OOM #14 – The Innocents (1961)


I’m working so hard, so hard to catch up, I really want to catch up guys. I’m so close, but I have so much shit to do, and now I understand the woes of modern film writing, the woes of modern life, and even if this is supposed to be some ‘entertainment’ I take it extremely seriously for it to be tossed aside as something not important, and even if people don’t read it (and if you do, please speak up in some way) it’s a training I put myself through so I can become a better writer and person in the future. These are the kind of reflections that I end up having in this month of horror that is the October Overlook Madness, you know, the one that should end with me being sent to the sanatorium because of how mad I’ve become with horror and work overload? Okay, okay. Today the Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness they tackled another of the modern horror masterpieces that I consider among the best of the recent years, ‘Shaun of the Dead’ (2004), and explains well its appeal in this video, and if you haven’t noticed, I’ve seen it, and many times, so I continue with the list of horror films that I haven’t seen in chronological order. Here we come to the realization that 1960 is no more, but 1961 is available with this adaptation of the Henry James novel, The Turn of the Screw. What will I think of it? Well, let’s see…

This is not a horror film.

Well, it’s certainly a film where horrific things happen, but it’s not exactly a horror film, with monsters and or fantastic elements or monstrous acts or whatever it is that nowadays would make it into a film that is horror. Maybe what I’m trying to say is that it’s not the horror film that you want it to be nor the one you expect it to be. It wants to make you think that it’s this ghost story about possessions and innocent kids going on about their lives and being immensely threatened by these dark forces, but it’s not. It’s about madness, kids being left vulnerable and to their own devices, about the repression and liberation of sexual urges, about love, death, sex and suicide. It’s a much much more deeper movie than I would ever expect it to be, and after seeing it, it dawns on me how creepy it really is from its opening song, through its eerie title sequence, the opening scene and the rest to the film until the final act of death and love and sexual release that ties this whole thing down, and at the same time it prevents me to discuss it any further without spoiling the fun of people discovering it themselves. I don’t want to put up spoiler warnings or anything, so I just better shut up and let people discuss this movie after they’ve seen it, and people, if you’ve seen it, leave a comment, let’s discuss spoilers in that place, so we can have some fun with some of my wicked theories. Also, do you agree with my bold statement that this isn’t the horror movie people want it to be? Anyway, let’s have fun.




One response to “OOM #14 – The Innocents (1961)

  1. It’s a truly splendid movie, as you say, and it’s one of my all-time favorites. I’ve never thought of it as a horror movie, to be honest; for me it’s a psychological thriller of the nanny’s disintegration while at the same time a brilliant depiction of the kids.

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