OOM #7 – Lost in Detroit (2013)


Say it and it’ll happen. Today once again we are left without much to do besides looking forward, towards the future of horror, and today was the turn of 2013 and the film that was the highest ranked horror and at the same time had a Letterboxd entry. Why again? Because today’s Cinemasscre’s Monster Madness is on one of my favorite horror films of the 2000’s, ‘Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead’ (2006), which is a masterpiece of trash and maybe my favorite Troma movie out of all of them, that while politically incorrect it brings home social issues without ever leaving the fun zone for the viewer. You can watch the video they made about the film here. So, that brings us to today’s short, and today I’ll leave it short because… well… you’ll know.

This short horror film was made in the context of the 48 Hour Film Challenge in Detroit, where a crew of members must write, shoot and edit a short film in 48 hours, but instead of doing something clever with the genre and with an interesting twist, they do a found footage of the laziest kind: a crew are making a film for the 48 Hour Film Challenge disappear and what we are seeing is what is left of the footage they recorded. What we see is ultimately not scary enough nor gruesome nor anything that would resolve the issues that this movie has. A bunch of weirdos appear out of nowhere and scare enough the crew to accompany them to their hideout where they are tortured and murdered. Yawn. There’s absolutely nothing here, except for one of the girls in the attacking team, a wonderful young woman that surprised me with her strength and how sure she was of her commanding voice. Besides that and a surprising enveloping segment that features the anchors of many real television news shows, the short isn’t exciting about the prospect of any of the people involved in it, except for the woman before mentioned.



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