OOM #6 – Bio-Cop (2012)


Well, what can we say, we can’t plan October Overlook Madness, that’s why it’s called a madness and that’s why it’s always so random and crazy, but always fun to do. So, if you read and remember what I said yesterday about not having to do the “go up one year and find the most revered film” again? Well, guess what, I had to do it again and I’ll have to do it tomorrow if Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness’s film for tomorrow is also something I’ve seen. Today the film featured was ‘Misery’ (1990), a complete masterpiece based on an excellent novel by Stephen King, and today James’s video was so heartfelt and personal that I must say that all of you go and watch it right now, it’s a keeper for sure, and you can do it here. And today’s film? Well, since yesterday was the turn of 2011, now it’s the turn of 2012 and this was the film that turned up, a short film, but it’s not just any short film, let’s see what I thought of it below.

‘Bio-Cop’ (2012) is a fake trailer, directed by Steven Kostanski, famous for his participation in the Astron6, the group of filmmakers that brought on films like ‘Father’s Day’ (2011) and ‘Manborg’ (2011), which are horror/sci-fi/80’s pastiches that are way over the top with copious amounts of blood, fluids, fake and forced voices to make actors look like they’re in a bad movie, and other elements which make of them the enjoyment of some and the bane of the existence of others, but for me they’re in the middle, they can turn annoying and over the top any second and fall from my grace, but for now it’s an interesting diversion. This particular one surprised me a lot with a fun premise and quick fun jokes to make it start and stay with you for quite a while, but I must say that nowadays no trailer goes beyond the 2 minute mark without being a little overbearing and tiring. The idea of a cop that’s actually a zombie that can never die is funny in itself, with the idea of how suicidal the monster itself can be, and the prospect of horrors from beyond the comprehension of our minds, but at the same time it turns repetitive as a riff on RoboCop, as it needs to follow some beats when it could’ve been a funny thing on its own. It still is short enough to be enjoyed by everyone who wants some gruesome laughs, and maybe one day we may see this one come into shape as a full length film. Maybe?




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