5DoP #4 – Relatos salvajes (2014)


by Jaime Grijalba.

I had already seen this movie last year, and while I come to these projects with the idea of writing new stuff, I think there’s been enough talk about this one, so I’ll just paste here what were at the time my: (1) first reaction posted to Letterboxd, and (2) the write-up I did for this film in my top 20 films of 2014 list, where it entered at eighth place.

(1): “One of the funniest comedies in memory, and how bleak and dark it is, is maybe one of its biggest reasons of being. Now, the structure of shorts around the concept of “I don’t give a fuck with the world, I’m gonna turn it to shit and I don’t care what happens” is kinda weak, specially in terms of who ends up winning and who ends up losing, because we are given the whole spectrum of possibilities of who gets fucked up and who doesn’t, and that doesn’t bring the film together in the end. I do love that the final short is kinda like the whole other side of the situation, as it’s the only one who doesn’t end with a huge demonstration of violence, and in a way it’s fitting since the grade of violence demonstrated goes down with every short.
“Favorite short: Hard to choose, all of them were really good, but I may stay with a tie between Highway and Bombita.”

(2): “At the time of the release and when I watched this, I said that it was one of the funniest comedies in a long time, and while I still think it’s a great movie, and one of the best of 2014, I don’t think I can stand by that comment, and that’s saying that I didn’t actually see a better straightforward comedy than this in the entire period. Not because it has decreased in its value, but because I think that its social issues have become more apparent recently, and the love that some people have borders on the fanatic, and that always makes me wonder about the real issues and what a film wants from a viewer in the end. Still, the short structure works, not an anthology as these are directed by the same Argentinian director (the second film from this country in the countdown so far), but as they follow a simple theme of how sometimes we can go nuts because of inequities in our daily life, and they come from every angle of society, whether they be the poor or the rich, the entitled or those that are more miserable, they all have their reckoning day, and while the violence inherent in that is quite astounding and sometimes even reprehensible, in this movie it manages to become something funny, and it can even work as a critique on that kind of behavior, even if its congratulated in the movie itself, one can work a way out of these politics and still enjoy the black, bleak and dark humor in these violence filled wild tales.”

Tomorrow it’s the last day and the one with the review of our replacement film, will it be any good? Tune in to find out.


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