American Cup 2015 – Film Tournament

In the next few days, just to liven things up in this blog, that has some debts towards you (reviews or recent Chilean films and a extensive review of the latest Avengers film, which I have seen and have some things to say about), I will do this small experiment in lieu of the “Copa América” that is currently being played in Chile. With the help of some friends that I’ve asked about films from their respective countries that they think is the best, I’ll make a film of each country battle another in the same fashion that the matches will take place the day the post comes up. No matter what the real result is in the soccer match, the movie that I find better means that the country will have a chance to choose another film to advance and then find ourselves with a champion. Will it be the same as the one that win the soccer matches? Well, we’ll find out I guess, in the upcoming days. The matches are:

· Chile vs. Uruguay (24th June)

· Bolivia vs. Peru (25th June)

· Argentina vs. Colombia (26th June)

· Brazil vs. Paraguay (27th June)

Which will be the movies? Well, I guess you’ll have to be there to attend and see the matches and how two movies fight for the love of my heart.


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