10DoO #9 – The Theory of Everything (2014)


by Jaime Grijalba.

I have such a huge disdain for this movie that I can’t explain really why I ended up with the rating that I rated when I finished it. I mean, it’s easily the most Oscar-baity film that has ever been made in the past few years. Even something as bland as ‘The Artist’ (2011) might’ve been, was kinda filled with some dread and artistry to make it worth seeing, as much as the tearjerkers and the films that come and go, this is just prestige porn at this point. I really am drawing blanks regarding just how offensively bad this movie is, so I just will compile some phrases that I read online regarding this movie and regard them to the people who said it. It’s late and I’ve yet to write about the last film for tomorrow. Sorry.

“Undecided as to which is more offensive:

1. The implication that Hawking’s work can only be understood, or even be relevant to us, an audience of normal dumb people, in how it validates or invalidates our concept of God.

2. The depiction of infidelity in which Jane’s is fraught and melodramatic, to the point that mere knocking on another man’s tent causes her husband to collapse into coma and never speak again (someone should do the math on this causality via montage) whereas Stephen’s is seen as cute and inevitable (I mean, she’s a nurse with red hair and boobs and she lets him read porn, why wouldn’t he dissolve his marriage for her?)

Oh but it’s oh so tasteful.” – Sean Gilman.


“”It’s not just jejune, it’s jejuly!” Free poster quote, you’re welcome.” – Danny Bowes.


That would make it a masterpiece.” – Jaime Grijalba.

“An excellent mime by Eddie Redmayne, but the melodrama is sabotaged by Instagram filters.” – Roger Avary.

“I’m willing to bet Stephen Hawking has had a very interesting life. At the very least, it probably deserved a better treatment than this run-of-the-mill, conventional romance.

Hawking’s scientific accomplishments and career are pretty much brushed over to deal exclusively with his relationship with Jane Wilde, as well as his struggles with ALS, which are admittedly compelling. By largely ignoring Hawking the scientist, it’s a regular disease-of-the-week drama.

If there’s a reason to watch this, it’s the performances: Redmayne is pretty good in a physically limited role, the kind the Academy loves (the Oscar is all but his; sorry, Keaton), and Felicity Jones is the true star here. After all, the movie is told from Jane’s perspective most of the time and she ends up being the real main character.

Overall, it’s the weakest out of the eight Best Film nominees.” – Ernesto Zelaya.



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