Frank Awards 2014: Best Films

Welcome Welcome Welcome!

Today is the last day of the Frank Awards 2014! We give out the last four awards to the best films in Animation, Documentary, Chilean Films and finally the Best Film Overall. Which film will win? Well, for those who know me and read my top 10 may already know, but… whatever!

Best Film, Animated

Last year the winner was the wonderful wonderful ‘Koto no ha no niwa’ (2013) one of the most heartbreaking and devastating animes out there. But had I seen Kaguya last year, it would be a different tale, sadly.

And the nominated films are:


  • Big Hero 6
  • Feast
  • How to Train Your Dragon
  • Last Days
  • The Lego Movie

And the Best Animated Movie is…

‘The Lego Movie’ was kinda surprising in the way that it used its own identity as a commercial film against itself, while maintaining the idea that Legos are amazing and that everyone should play with them. This is a perfect companion piece with the Lego episode from ‘The Simpsons’ that was released last year. The both of them combine together to make both a love letter to the toys, and a heartwarming story about personal superation. Cliched, but sometimes the cliches work.


Best Film, Documentary

Last year the Mexican/American documentary ‘Narco Cultura’ (2013) was the winner, a harrowing portrayal of the worst that can happen when the art becomes imitable with the crimes that it portrays, specially when it defends them. A poignant film that I wish was talked more about.

And the nominated films are:


  • Los castores
  • The Iron Ministry
  • Life Itself
  • La once
  • Songs from the North

And the Best Documentary is…

‘Life Itself’ was equal parts homage and biography to that critic figure that was Roger Ebert. It’s a well made documentary in a year where many tried and not one truly succeed in terms of feeling the emotion of the things portrayed, or the urgency of the topic that it talks about. Only this could’ve worked out as the film that it was going to be. Steve James triumphs here with a great story.


Best Film, Chilean

Last year the Italian-German-Chilean co-production ‘Il futuro’ (2013) directed by Alicia Scherson was elected for the Frank Award 2013 for best Chilean film. Wonderful acting and poetic rhythm. Which film, in a less stellar year, will be chosen this time?

So, the nominated films are:


  • Los castores
  • La once
  • Desastres Naturales
  • Matar a un hombre
  • Propaganda

If you search in this site, all of these movies have a review or done in other sites, they’re all interesting films, but in the end, if it were last year, ‘Il futuro’ (2013) would’ve won again! As you can see there are a couple of repeated films when it comes down to how Chilean documentary films are usually among the best films of the year always.

And the Best Chilean film is…

‘Los castores’ was in my top 20 films of 2014, and while this film wouldn’t make the list today, it’s still my choice for one of the most controversial and conversation-starter films of 2014. Killing beavers is right or wrong? Is it an abominable thing to do if there’s the need to do so? What are the rights of the animals even if they are introduced species? Let’s watch this movie and debate.


Best Film of the Year

Last year the big winner of this award was the masterpiece ‘Her’ (2013) that I recently rewatched and found as spellbound as that first and second time that I saw it. Right now we will see the final award, who will win?

The nominated films are:


  • Adieu au langage
  • Boyhood
  • The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
  • Interstellar
  • Tokyo Tribe

And the Best Film of the Year is…

‘Interstellar’ is a masterpiece, and while I can see its faults, its those moments of certain imperfection that make it more human to me as a viewer. Wonderful acting (though no acting nodes from me), wonderful cinematography (though no cinematography nodes from me) and a visual story that strives for more with every minute that passes. This is the film of the year.


Which were the most nominated films and how many Frank Awards did they win?

Title of the film (Frank Awards Won/Frank Awards Nominated)

· Interstellar (4/9)

· The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (1/10)

· Tokyo Tribe (1/8)

· Boyhood (1/7)

· Birdman (1/6)

· Guardians of the Galaxy (1/6)

· Inherent Vice (1/5)

· P’tit Quinquin (1/5)

· The Grand Budapest Hotel (1/4)

· Godzilla (1/3)

· Monty Python Live (Mostly) (1/3)

· The Lego Movie (2/2)

· Los castores (1/2)

· Deux jours, une nuit (1/2)

· Gone Girl (1/2)

· The Raid 2: Berandal (1/2)

· Jauja (1/1)

· Life Itself (1/1)

· Pasolini (1/1)

· The Babadook (0/4)

· Adieu au langage (0/3)

· X-Men: Days of Future Past (0/3)

· [REC] 4: Apocalipsis (0/2)

· Desastres naturales (0/2)

· Foxcatcher (0/2)

· Gui lai (0/2)

· La once (0/2)

· Relatos salvajes (0/2)

· Stage Fright (0/2)

· Whiplash (0/2)

· A Most Wanted Man (0/1)

· Aimer, boire et chanter (0/1)

· Big Hero 6 (0/1)

· Captain America: The Winter Soldier (0/1)

· Cavalo Dinheiro (0/1)

· Chiisai ouchi (0/1)

· Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (0/1)

· Feast (0/1)

· The Homesman (0/1)

· How to Train Your Dragon 2 (0/1)

· The Iron Ministry (0/1)

· Last Days (0/1)

· Matar a un hombre (0/1)

· Mula sa kung ano ang noon (0/1)

· Nightcrawler (0/1)

· Noah (0/1)

· Propaganda (0/1)

· Songs from the North (0/1)

· Too Many Cooks (0/1)

· Welcome to New York (0/1)






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