Frank Awards 2014: Music & Screenplay

Welcome once again to another day of Frank Awards, this day we have two categories that aren’t usually put together, but I think they are connected in terms of how much of it is preparation and writing before or after the movie has been filmed. You think I have some reason in this? No? Ok. Look at the awards I give out. Please.

Best Music, Score

Last year the award for best score was the Japanese composer Shigeru Umebayashi for the HK/Chinese film ‘Yi dai zong shi’ (2013). Last year he once again went into the Chinese market with ‘Huang Feihong Zhi Yingxiong You Meng’, a film I really didn’t hear about, nor I think I would’ve seen anyway. What are the nominees this year?

The nominees are:

· Alexandre Desplat for ‘Godzilla’

· Clint Mansell for ‘Noah’

· Antonio Sanchez for ‘Birdman’

· Hans Zimmer for ‘Interstellar’

· B.C.D.M.G. for ‘Tokyo Tribe’

Out of all the nominees, we have two score masters that have been nominated practically every year (Hans Zimmer has been nominated every year and won with ‘Inception’ (2010); while Alexandre Desplat only missed last year, winning in 2012 for ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ (2012) ). Who will win?

And the winner is…

B.C.D.M.G. managed to make hip hop and rap tolerable for me, and that’s the most impressive achievement anyone can have this year or any other. Congratulations, this catchy tunes made me fall for the movie.


Best Music, Song

Last year the award for the best song was for the catchiest tune of them all: ‘Please Mr. Kennedy’, for the film ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ (2013), sung and performed by Justin Timberlake, Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver; the three of them didn’t sing nor write a new song for a movie in 2014.

The nominated songs are:

· ‘Cause I Knew’ for ‘P’tit Quinquin’ by Lisa Hartmann

· ‘Everything is Awesome’ for ‘The Lego Movie’ by Akiva Schaffer, Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, Shawn Patterson, Joshua Bartholomew and Lisa Harriton

· ‘The Last Goodbye’ for ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’ by Billy Boyd

· ‘Too Many Cooks’ for ‘Too Many Cooks’ by Shawn Coleman and Michael Kohler

· ‘We’re Here’ for ‘Stage Fright’ by Eli Batalion and Jerome Sable

All newcomers, like always in this category, I have an eclectic taste, but at the same time a very foreseeable winner.

So, what is the best song?

I’m a sucker for catchy songs, and this is maybe one of the catchiest that have ever won this award, mainly because it’s been in the top of my head since the day I saw the movie and has not left since. What a strange attraction the song ‘Everything is Awesome’ has on people, and I’m glad to be part of that, haters gonna hate.


Best Screenplay, Adapted

Terence Winter has been collaborating with Martin Scorsese a lot lately, and as the latest winner of the Frank Award in this category for the script based on the memoir of Jordan Belfort, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ (2013). During 2014, neither of them where involved in any movies in terms of writing.

The nominees are:


  • Gillian Flynn for ‘Gone Girl’, based on her novel
  • Simon Kinberg, Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn for X-Men: Days of Future Past’, based on characters by Marvel
  • Sion Sono for ‘Tokyo Tribe’, based on the manga by Santa Inoue
  • Paul Thomas Anderson for ‘Inherent Vice’, based on the novel by Thomas Pynchon
  • Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro for ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’, based on the novel “The Hobbit” by Peter Jackson

The only repeats this year is the Hobbit team, that won this award for the first installment in the series. On the rest of the group, while some of them are familiar, these are their first apparitions in this category, at least.

So, the winner/s is/are…

Paul Thomas Anderson crafts his script for ‘Inherent Vice’, taking the book in its most faithful manner, but at the same time giving it the necessary cuts, as well as flourishes to make it a complex film, even more complex than the novel itself, and with maintaining the dialogue, and giving it the gravitas that a story like this needed. This is masterwork at large.


Best Screenplay, Original

Last year the Frank Award was for the surprising solo script by Spike Jonze for my favorite movie of last year, ‘Her’ (2013). In 2014 he only made some amends to one of his 2013 works, with the revised script of ‘Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa.5’, which I really have no interest in seeing now.

The nominees are:


  • Lav Diaz for ‘Mula sa kung ano ang noon’
  • Bruno Dumont for ‘P’tit Quinquin’
  • Alejandro González Iñárritu, Nicolás Glacobone, Alexander Dinelaris and Armando Bo for ‘Birdman’
  • Richard Linklater for ‘Boyhood’
  • Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan for ‘Interstellar’

Some comebacks in the nominees this year, for example three of the four ‘Birdman’ writers collaborated on the script of the last Iñarritu film, ‘Biutiful’ (2010), and now they are accompanied by Alexander Dinelaris. Richard Linklater also comes back after being nominated last year for ‘Before Midnight’ (2013), but in adapted screenplay. And lastly, Jonathan Nolan was nominated for his adapted screenplay of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ (2012), with Christopher Nolan, but the famous director won this award on his own for original screenplay of ‘Inception’ (2010). Who will win this year?

So, the winner/s is/are:

Jonathan and Christopher Nolan have managed to create a fully original story that at the same time was scientifically sound, emotionally compelling and through and through entertaining. There are moments in this script that left me at the verge of tears, this is a movie to be remembered.





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