2015: A Year Filled With Possibilities

by Jaime Grijalba.

I know I’ve made promises in blogs like these in the past. I’ve talked about how the past year wasn’t really focused on the blog, but this 2014 might’ve been the one where I spent the least time on this blog, mainly because I started to write for other sites like Twitch, Fandor and El Agente Cine, sites that don’t require as much time, but do require me to take a longer look and a more thoughtful approach to what I want to write about. So, what can I promise you guys for this year? What can I promise myself? Do I want to be read or I want this to be a personal depository of my writing for future use?

Well, surely I’d love to be read by many people, and I always aim for the biggest amount of exposure that I can, specially since my followers on Twitter have improved, but the views, comments and likes have just raised slightly. I know I’m mostly a niche blogger, specially since I mostly cover Chilean cinema, and I think that it’s not necessary a thing that I will stop doing here, but I will surely change the focus on it. The first promise that I will make is that this year’s edition of ‘Chilean Cinema 2015’ will be based only around films that had their original release in 2015, not a Chilean release in 2015, because I understand and see how useless that is for english speaking readers.

For those who are still interested in the Chilean movies that are released in an almost weekly basis here in my country, I most surely continue to cover them on TwitchFilm.com, the films that have an international interest or a big impact on me obviously. Also, every Chilean film that gets released in 2015 will have a capsule review (in spanish) in this new blog that I’ve started: http://2015nopuedo.tumblr.com

That’s the place where you want to go if you want my thoughts on carry-over Chilean movies from 2014, 2013 or earlier that didn’t have a place on Twitchfilm, I will also house translations of my Twitchfilm work there, starting from today. If you go now to the site you will find the review of the Chilean film released on theaters today, January 1st, ‘Santiago Violenta’ (2014), a link to the english review and there a concentrated and slightly changed review in spanish.

The rest of the entries on this blog, I will try to complete and expand the collections that I have on the left bar of this blog, movies that I want to see and talk about. As always, you can expect in late February my ’10 Days of Oscar’ feature. Also, of course, in October you can expect a new edition of 31 Days of Horror. I had a great time this past year, and I hope that it only keeps getting better with every year, though it’s hard, as everyone should know. The good movies don’t start appearing from nothing, they are always there, and our supply is running low, so, who knows!

Besides movies, I really want to expand this blog to take onto some other topics and media, since it’s the theme that I deem myself most comfortable with. Sadly, I don’t know if I’m able to promise anything on those terrains, but I’ll surely try to come up with something. I’ve tried hard and long to try to come up with some time so you can all enjoy some of my musings on stuff like video games, literature and even TV, something I’ve promised myself that I will get into in 2015, so that’s what I can give you. I have many ideas regarding the whole ‘other media’ stuff, but as I grow older I try to first pitch my ideas in outlets that will give me more benefit, sadly meaning that I prefer to write for a venue that will give me money over my blog.

Nevertheless, the few and the beautiful who do come here day in, day out, to read some of my words, I just hope that you had a good time and that you’ll continue reading. For the rest who have just tuned in, remain! Add me to your favorites! Follow me on WordPress! Follow me on Twitter: @jaimegrijalba and Instagram (same name). Enjoy the movies, enjoy the media, and maybe in 2015 I might be able to make my first film! Who knows!

Stay tuned, in the next weeks there will be many lists: Best of 2014, Best movies premiered in Chile in 2014, and the Frank Awards 2014, that will come up sooner than later.


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