Chilean Cinema 2014 #23 – Las Cruces de Quillagua (2012)

The Crosses of Quillagua

(Chile 2012 60m) YouTube

p/d/ed/c Jorge Marzuca Venegas

Social and ecologic documentary that goes beyond those two categories by being human at all times, by respecting the audience and also the members of the society that uses for a better understanding of what is going on in Quillagua. There, a whole town disappears because of the bad use a mine gives to the river of Loa, one of the most important of the region, contaminating it and thus making it unusable for agriculture and anything remotely livable, being this one of the driest places in Chile and the world. The documentary is smart and uses this situation not to pity the audience regarding those who live in the small town, but by showing bluntly how things are and how they won’t change, how the town will never ever be back to be what it was, and that fact is loudly spoken by the old inhabitants that stay there mostly because of a tradition and a sense of belonging. The film itself abuses some of the text to explain the situation and the history, but some people talking are more than enough. Interesting and watchable, also a document of an era where people could live without having a big enterprise meddling with their things. Things that they need to live.



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