Chilean Cinema 2014 #22 – El Incontrolable Mundo del Azar (2012)

The Incredible World of Random

(Chile 2012 90m) Centro Arte Alameda

p Christian Torres, Pablo Mantilla, Gonzalo Carracedo d/w Fernando Lasalvia ed Rodrigo Aguirre, Catalina Marín c Enrique Warnken

a Rodrigo Lisboa, Elisa Zulueta, Rafael Jansen, Felipe Izquierdo, Jaime Celedón, Rodrigo Pardow, Fernando Larraín, Nissim Sharim, María Elena Duvauchelle, Alejandra Dueñas, Roka Valbuena, Catalina Guerra

Three stories wind up together in some way or another, through random means. Almost as if three short films were made with three different budgets and three completely different visual styles. While this may seem a bit counter productive, it all comes together nicely in the end, where the ‘random’ element that is announced in the title of the film comes forward not only as a narrative issue, but also as some kind of message regarding the way that life works, how we live our life. The first story is about a small kid, that once he starts talking, only does it in German, but nor his parents nor anyone he knows even speaks the language, hilarity ensues when the parents work hard to try to understand their kid, and then the sense of superiority when they themselves find that they are worthy of some kind of German tradition that has never existed in their families, it all comes down to a matter of sex and how the unfaithful wife comes forward in terms of psychological structure of the kid and how he is somewhat ‘cured’ of his affliction. The next two ‘shorts’ are more connected, as they happen weeks away in time, but both main characters are connected by a tragic accident, in which a shooting has some really tragic, but at the same time happy and incredible consequences. The movie is well shot and is highly imaginative in the way that it portrays the information on screen in every shot, at times it feels almost too much like a ripoff of Wes Anderson, but it manages to have its own life as a heartwarming and at the same time quite racy Chilean film.



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