OOM #11 – The Exorcist III (1990)

Hello people of this webpage, fanatics of horror and friends alike! Welcome to the 11th day of this Madness that we’re going through. It is also the penultimate day of Valdivia, and we can go back to a normal schedule soon enough, you know, with actual writing involved and not some crazy video that needs volume to be understood (plus my accent is really really bad, sorry guys).

The movie today is this film that I’ve heard many times that is as scary if not even scarier than ‘The Exorcist’ (1973), I’m not sure about the actual result, as I’ve yet to see it, but let’s say that it can’t be worse than the first sequel, which was a ridiculous mess, and maybe among the most experimental (in the worse sense) big budgeted films ever concieved. Remembering it now makes me shiver.

So, again, like every other day this week, I have a video review for you, enjoy it… or not.



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