OOM #9 – Gatto nero (1981)

Hello guys, again I’m a bit late with the post, but it’s been great in Valdivia, good weather and some good movies, and at times good company from people who love films as much as one does! So, without much further ado, I continue with the horror movie a day that I promised you at the start of October.

So, today’s film is brought to us through Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness, and this might also be the first time that James Rolfe has mentioned the horror master that is Lucio Fulci, but this movie, ‘Gatto nero’ (1981) might not be the best choice for an introduction of this wonderful Italian director. Nevertheless, you can watch what he calls his favorite Fulci film right here.

On my end, I’ll see it, and you’ll have to settle with the same kind of surprise as yesterday, again, I apologize.



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