OOM #5 – Night of the Creeps (1986)

Hello people of the page! Welcome to another day of horrors and disturbing imagery. Today I write to you from Santiago, Chile; but tomorrow is another story completely! I shall be in Valdivia for the most famous Film Festival of Latin America and Chile. But whatever, you don’t care about the arty farty films I’ll see there, you care about the gore and horror of the October Overlook Madness! So, let’s get to it!

But before that, remember that maybe (maaaaaybe) there’ll be a chance that you won’t see a written review every day here, maybe you’ll watch something special, something unique, something… eh, not really, but maybe, who knows. But you won’t miss your daily horror movie review.

Precisely today I managed to get the watching of the film done in time before packing up, and that’s because it was a film that was readily available on Netflix for all of you to see, if you find yourself inclined to do that sort of thing. Today the film was brought up by James Rolfe’s incredible Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness, so, as always, you can watch the stupendous video right here, while I go write the review you expect. Let’s do it!

This incredible looking film starts a bit way too silly, only to slowly turn it down to then amp it up to the maximum silly. I love films that go the extra mile, but  a film has to earn it, has to know how to do it, and this movie starts with aliens, silly looking red aliens that run around with short arms and legs wielding huge weaponry chasing one another, putting a huge canister filled with alien slugs that shoots off to outer space. Then the canister crashes into a 50’s black and white planet Earth, where a young dude touches it and is obviously infected by it, that’s when we jum 30 years into the future, where ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space’ (1954) isn’t more like a laughing stock than the new movie that the youngsters had to see, among other things that have changed too, but not too much. There are still jocks, girls, nerds and everything else in the spectrum of college experience. Oh, what a delightful experience college/university is, full of gross zombies that you have to blow their heads and then burn the slugs that come out of them.

The movie wins a lot due to its use of practical effects and how the slugs feel absolutely disgusting whenever they appear, were it be crawling in the floor after coming out of an exploding head, or when they gather up below one of the sororities and they kinda become this sort of creature that thinks and attacks as some sort of system that only tries to grow beyond expectations. The film is funny, but at times tries too hard for the laughs that it lacks being not much more than a college/frat comedy, in a sense it works more due to the intelligence that it gathers from the script itself: in the 50’s there was a killer on the loose the night that the slugs came to Earth, the police who leads the movie kills the deranged man and buries him, only to then appear in the 80’s as a rotten zombie that has come back (axe and all) to continue what it was doing before he was cut off. A movie that uses the references and its love for horror in a mute and at the same time amazing way, using names and obscure films as cultural standpoints (Plan 9 was still obscure in the 80’s from what I know).

It’s not perfect, and I may be overrating it a bit, but I love it just the same because of how it manages to become a cultural artifact instantly, just by going forward and never stopping in its vision of how to scare and entertain people at a time when people were getting tired of this kind of schtick and were looking for something nastier, harder, stronger. This is gore, but fun gore.



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