Chilean Cinematheque ‘La Moneda’ Program: March


I shall make this post at every start of the month, highlighting what I saw or have seen at the National Cinematheque that we have in Chile, the one that is at our government house, La Moneda. They have retrospectives and new releases, it’s always interesting to go and have a look each day, at least one thing of real interest will be playing, I can’t recommend it enough, they’re lovely and always a great time to be there.

This month I managed to see some films from the retrospective that they’re having right now, I’m going to explain all the “sections” that are available in the list of movies by the end of this post:

Miradas al cine chileno 2013: A survey of the most interesting and performing Chilean films of 2013 according to the cinematheque.

CineClub Italianos: New and Classic Italian Films are curated and shown every day.

Estreno: A premiere of a Chilean or International film for everyone to watch. A commercial release.

As always, you have the films that I saw, a translation if needed, the section in which they were programmed (look up for meanings of that), a rating and a review if available. Have a nice month everyone!

1. Il futuro (2013) (The Future) (2013, Alicia Scherson) (Miradas al cine chileno 2013) ****1/2
2. La vita é bella (Life is Beautiful) (1997, Roberto Benigni) (CineClub Italianos) ****1/2
3. Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (1988, Giuseppe Tornatore) (CineClub Italianos) ****
4. Gloria (2013, Sebastián Lelio) (Miradas al cine chileno 2013) ****
5. El salvavidas (The Lifeguard) (2011, Maite Alberdi) (Miradas al cine chileno 2013) ****
6. La Chupilca del Diablo (Devil’s Chupilca) (2012, Ignacio Rodríguez) (Estreno Chileno)
7. Rosita: La favorita del Tercer Reich (Rosita: The Favorite of the Third Reich) (2012, Pablo Berthelon) (Miradas al cine chileno 2013) ***1/2
8. La Mirada Perdida en la Niebla (The Lost Look in the Fog) (2010, Patricio González Colville) (Estreno Documental) **1/2


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