38 Festival Cine UC

So, another year and January and February were filled with the best of the world and Chilean cinema thanks to the Festival Cine UC, the Festival that manages to take the best of the year that just passed and the best to come in every corner of the cinema and really accesible. I managed to see a bunch of screenings and I even had the chance to rewatch a couple of favorites of 2013, so it was a very good festival for me. Here are most of the films that were shown in a list I made at Letterboxd, and here I leave you with my classic list of preference of those I saw.

The list is in order of preference, it has the title and information, a translation if needed, and the section of the festival in which it played, a rating and a link to a review written by me if available, as always, thanks to those who made it possible to me to watch some of these for free, specially to Iván Pinto and the people at El Agente Cine. Have a gander:

1. Amour (Love) (2012, Michael Haneke) (Lo mejor del 2013) *****
2. The Master (2012, Paul Thomas Anderson) (Lo mejor del 2013) *****
3. Yi zai dong shi (The Grandmaster) (2013, Wong Kar Wai) (Cinefilias) *****
4. Computer Chess (2013, Andrew Bujalski) (Preestrenos) *****
5. Museum Hours (2012, Jem Cohen) (Cinefilias) ****1/2
6. Blue Jasmine (2013, Woody Allen) (Lo mejor del 2013) ****1/2
7. Before Midnight (2013, Richard Linklater) (Lo mejor del 2013) ****1/2
8. Pena de muerte (Death Penalty) (2012, Tevo Díaz) (Cine Chileno) ****1/2
9. Searching for Sugar Man (2012, Mikail Bendjelloul) (Lo mejor del 2013) ****1/2
10. Il futuro (The Future) (2013, Alicia Scherson) (Cine Chileno) ****1/2
11. El otro día (Another Day) (2012, Ignacio Agüero) (Cine Chileno) ****1/2
12. Gravity (2013, Alfonso Cuarón) (Lo mejor del 2013) ****
13. Naomi Campbel (2013, Nicolás Videla, Camila Donoso) (Preestrenos) ****
14. Jiao you (Stray Dogs) (2013, Ming-liang Tsai) (Cinefilias) ****
15. Ver y escuchar (See and Listen) (2013, José Luis Torres Leiva) (Preestrenos) ****
16. De jueves a domingo (From Thursday Til Sunday) (2012, Dominga Sotomayor) (Cine Chileno) ****
17. Berberian Sound Studio (2012, Peter Strickland) (Preestrenos) ****
18. Gloria (2013, Sebastián Lelio) (Cine Chileno) ****
19. Sibila (2012, Teresa Arredondo) (Cine Chileno) ****
20. El salvavidas (The Lifeguard) (2011, Maite Alberdi) (Cine Chileno) ****
21. Cosmopolis (2012, David Cronenberg) (Lo mejor del 2013) ****
22. Zero Dark Thirty (2012, Kathryn Bigelow) (Lo mejor del 2013) ****
23. Cesare deve morire (Caesar Must Die) (2012, Paolo Taviani, Vittorio Taviani) (Preestrenos) ****
24. Fogo (2012, Yulene Olaizola) (Preestrenos) ***1/2
25. Bestiaire (2012, Denis Coté) (Preestrenos) ***
26. Cuentos sobre el futuro (Tales About the Future) (2012, Pachi Bustos) (Cine Chileno) ***


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