10DoO #9 – Philomena (2013)

by Jaime Grijalba.

A few notes on the underwhelming, yet still charming way in which ‘Philomena’ (2013) plays its cards in the context of its nominations, other movies like this and the awards coming this next sunday:

· This film won’t win anything at the Oscars, and I’m struggling to find a reason as to why people decided to nominate this over something like ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ (2013), a film that was making the rounds as being a probable nominee.

· I like Coogan, I like Dench, I even find Stephen Frears to be a decent enough director, but I guess the combination of the right people wasn’t enough to deem the film ‘great’ in any way, it’s good, but just acceptable, watchable if you will.

· While I found the humour in the script to be tailored for Steve Coogan, since he wrote it, and I found it funny enough, I still find that it was in spite of the ignorance and a certain demeanor of the character of Philomena Lee.

· Steve Coogan acts better than Judi Dench, who really give us nothing except a stillness that doesn’t communicate much, and an accent that I guess is the best suit. I liked Coogan’s energy more.

· I think that the film looses its strength as the mystery unfolds and becomes clear, even when we find out the final destination of Philomena Lee’s son, and even if it’s a real story, I guess I could say that I expected a more moving and moved chase of the story/character.

· The way that the issue of homosexuality is treated was nice enough, even though at times bordered on the offensive, it was saved many times by the temple of Coogan.

· The final stretch, the twist and the confrontation were thrilling and emotional, but it seems as if it needed a stronger final scene, something to cap off emotionally, besides the whole climax with the nun and the fighting and shouting, because as it is, is quite apologetic still.

· I liked this movie, but it was like seeing a train pass, it passed and then, whatever, it was nice and beautiful while it lasted.


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