Frank Awards 2013: Best Director

Just one more day for awards and we’ll be finished with the Frank Awards, today we have again one category, the one for best director of a film made in 2013. So, let’s go.

Best Direction:

So, the winner of the Frank Award last year was the genius Quentin Tarantino, who won for the second time this award for ‘Django Unchained’ (2012), will he make it the third time whenever he releases a movie next? (maybe he will).

This year, the nominees take a different approach to directing wiht their movies. For example, Andrew Bujalski decided to mix tones and different genres and styles of movies in ‘Computer Chess’, letting the cinematography do most of the movie, but at the same time the choosing of the camera and the way that it’s used is his sole responsability, hence his work in the editing and writing part of the film as well, he was the most overseeing director and he is the one responsible for the film we see. Peter Jackson was nominated last year for a Frank award in this category, for his work in ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ (2012), and now he’s nominated for the same reasons he was last year, he manages to cram the screen with beautiful imagery, may they be digitaly created or not, they all seem beautiful (or horrific) if needed, he’s maybe one of the greatest aesthetes in the film world today, because he is always looking for the beauty of the image, how every frame should be memorable and well composed. Spike Jonze, on the other hand, also wants to please in an aesthetic level in ‘Her’, trying to make you pleased, but at the same time how ironic the image becomes whenever we feel the construction of this futuristic world is impressive, how he creates something that he doesn’t need to explain with words, how he frames the OS as if it were an actor and how he directed Johansson’s performance as a voice, those were the right choices. Kar Wai Wong, at this point in his career, has already established himself as an auteur, one who has a distinct style that can be recognized in any movie that he makes, and in ‘Yi dai zong shi’, there’s no difference, he directs the crap out of this story about kung fu masters, he makes every frame seem like a battle on its own, even when there’s no violence on screen, he isn’t really interested in the fights as in the art of fighting as something more profound and philosophical, and that trascendent quality is what makes him one of the best directors of all time. On its own, Edgar Wright isn’t far apart when it comes to the kind of movie he wanted to do in ‘The World’s End’ to something like WKW’s masterpiece, but he is more invested in what happens in the fighting, he wants to be a director that can be named among those who can direct and write action sequences and make them great, he also manages to trascend that quality with his own insight to his actors and characters, he’s always managed that and I applaud him for that.

So, the nominees are:
· Andrew Bujalski for ‘Computer Chess’
· Peter Jackson for ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’
· Spike Jonze for ‘Her’
· Kar Wai Wong for ‘Yi dai zong shi’
· Edgar Wright for ‘The World’s End’

And the winner is:

Spike Jonze wins because of his ethereal direction that makes ‘Her’ the masterpiece that it is, it gets under your skin with your images and then it knocks you out of the park with its performances.

Tomorrow: The Big Prize, The Only Prize.


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