Top 10 Most Awaited Movies of 2014

by Jaime Grijalba.

So, 10 movies excite more than the rest that are coming out either in theaters or festivals this 2014. What will they be? I assure you, they aren’t your typical choices, so keep your eyes open for the experiences that I look forward the most. If I manage to see them (last year was a complete disaster, as I managed to see barely four of the movies I waited for), they’ll be reviewed in this blog. So, on to the choices.

1. Boom Bust Boom Bust Boom – Your Part in Ruining the Economy (Terry Jones)

Terry Jones is directing a new movie! Does it need anything else for someone to be excited? All I know is that it’s a documentary starring himself and the voices of other actors, I don’t know at the moment how this particular movie ties in with the reunion of Monty Python, but I do think that any news of Terry Jones directing a new movie is glorious to me. He has directed two of the best comedies ever made in the history of cinema, so I know that his approach to the economic debacle will be funny and at the same time informative. I can’t wait, and that’s because it’s at number one, even though there’s not much info about this one, except that it’s coming out this year.

2. Interstellar (Christopher Nolan)

A new movie from the amazing director Christopher Nolan. Here’s something I wanted Nolan to tackle a long time ago: a sci fi space epic with time travel included! At least, that’s what I can get from the plot that involves space travel and wormholes. There’s also a teaser trailer and it just makes me want to see it more, more and more! I can’t wait for this. I shall leave you the trailer down below, and let’s hope for another great movie from this wonderful director.

3. [REC] 4: Apocalipsis (Jaume Balagueró)

Here we have what it’s supposed to be the last installment in the REC series, and what a wonderful series of films has been, it’s one of the best and I can’t possibly think of anything in the world of horror that has come near to this in recent times. Three spectacular movies until now, and this time it’s going to go outside, to the world, trying to brave the infection. Here below I give you some images of the making off and the film itself, I can barely understand it myself because the director is speaking catalá, a language similar to spanish, but that it’s pretty much ununderstandable.

4. Deux jours, une nuit (Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne)

A new film from the Dardennes is always a big moment for filmmaking, any year that it’d be. This one has Marion Cotillard as an acting choice, being (I think) the first time they’ve chosen a big star for one of their films after the fact that they’ve become such a big name in the industry. There are no details about the plot yet, but some information will come around once Cannes comes and it’ll be, obviously, the time for its premiere.

5. Foxcatcher (Bennett Miller)

This movie actually was on the list last year, but this film was bumped to 2014 for reasons still unknown. It looks like an award worthy film that at the time of the Oscars might win big, and of course it would, it’s directed by the handyman known as Bennett Miller that to date has made two truly spectacular movies and that I think has the chops to direct something as tense as the trailer suggest. You can watch it, below.

6. Clown (Jon Watts)

As if started by a joke (a fake trailer in this case) this movie managed to get made produced by Eli Roth. The concept is outrageous, but after seeing the trailer I actually think that this might have a chance of being scary. It’s the story about a man who dresses as a clown, but can’t get the makeup or the clothes out, as it turns out that clowns are actually demons! The thing looks scary, and you can watch the trailer (the true trailer) below.

7. TIE: Majo no takkyûbin and 7500 (Takashi Shimzu, both)

Two new movies from japanese director extraordinaire, Takashi Shimizu. While ‘7500’ (2014) was in the list last year, it was never released in theaters, festivals or dvd, so it makes its bump to this list immediatly. It ties with the new movie that he’s directing, a remake of the classic Miyazaki animation of 1989, Kiki’s Delivery Service. There are interesting elements about the movie and how it’s going to tackle the flying, for example, and the cat character. About the other movie, I just must repeat what I said last year, it looks really interesting as a concept, and I hope that it goes in lovecraftian ways. You can watch the trailer of ‘7500’ (2014) below.

8. The Hobbit: There and Back Again (Peter Jackson)

The final installment of the new trilogy. I can’t be more excited, we have some really neat moments coming up, like the battle of the Five Armies, the defeat of Smaug and what will happen with Gandalf now that he knows who’s really the Necromancer. A fitting finale for sure!

9. In Your Eyes (Brin Hill)

Written by Joss Whedon, this film carries a strange premise about two people who don’t know each other, but feel what the other is feeling, it’s an interesting enough concept to have me pumped, and the fact that Whedon had his hand in the pot, puts me with enough interest to chime in and want it to be good. Let’s hope it is!

10. Gone Girl (David Fincher)

And to close this list, here we have the latest film of the masterful filmmaker David Fincher, this one is based on a bestseller novel, and it actually makes me not to want the novel beforehand, specially since they supposedly changed the ending for the movie. Should be interesting to watch, and it has Ben Affleck in it, so that’s that.

10 Other Movies that I look forward to, but I won’t review unless I rate them 10/10: ‘Nymphomaniac: Volume II’ (Lars Von Trier), ‘Jupiter Ascending’ (Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski), ‘Noah’ (Darren Aronofsky), ‘Haemoo’ (Sung Bo Shim), ‘Zeitoun’ (Jonathan Demme), ‘Party Central’ (Kelsey Mann), ‘Seances’ (Guy Maddin), ‘ABCs of Death 2’ (Various Directors), ‘The Last Druid: Garm Wars’ (Mamoru Oshii) and ‘The Next Generation: Patlabor’ (Mamoru Oshii).


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