Here’s to 2014!

by Jaime Grijalba.

Many things happened in 2013. Many personal things, good and bad, happened and changed me, for the better I hope. This year might be one of the most important in my life, I might be able to finally come through as the fully realized person that I want to be. But who cares about that stuff really? All of you who read this blog actually care about what will happen in the future of it, how it will change and what we will have on it.

Well, first of all I must say that I’m really proud of three things that I did for this blog during 2013: I managed to review 40 Chilean films and more than 10 Argentinian movies that I saw during this year or last year, they were all either festival world premieres or theater showings, those reviews were written to the most of my abilities and I hope that with time I get better at them.

The second thing I was the most proud of was the new iteration of an October of Terror. This time it was renamed accordingly to the new blog, naming it Overlook October Madness, 31 days and 31 horror movies from all times, ages and types, hope you guys had a blast with it as I suffered through all those days seeing and reviewing instantly.

The third was a very recent one, it was the Danny Steinmann week. Dedicating one week to one obscure director was maybe one of the wisest and craziest decissions I’ve made in a while, and I mean it. It’s just amazing the amount of work I did to write on these films that not many people have seen, only to never come to a fully realized conclusion. Maybe in the future I can write a paper that includes the work done in those days, or even a book would be amazing to write on how the films of Danny Steinmann do work in their own universe.

Now, onto 2014. In the upcoming weeks we all know what will happen, the Top 20 films of 2014 is right around the corner, alongside the list of the best Chilean films of the year, and the list of the best films released theatrically on Chile. Besides that there’s the now classic events: 10 Days of Oscar (where I watch the nominees to best picture) and the Frank Awards, my personal film awards to the best made in the year of film in 2013.

On account of the Frank Awards I’ve decided to separate them more, make more a fuzz about the awards and order them and post one a day before I start with the 10 Days of Oscar.

Beyond that, there’s the whole business about certain director of which I’ve seen every film that I can find. That’s Woody Allen. In my other blog I decided that one month would be dedicated to Richard Kelly, and it was spectacular, specially when it comes to the blogathon, where I received some of the most amazing entries ever from which I’m still deeply grateful to a number of people. So, since Woody Allen’s work can’t really be hold down to just a month, I decided to label this year as Woody Allen Year.

I’ll start one of these days talking about everything that I can get my hands onto in regards of what Woody Allen means to me, and of course, all the work that he has done across the years, from his earliest days as a stand up comedian until his latest films, including the release he has for 2014. Hope that I can make him some justice. I also plan to make a blogathon on the work of him, and I hope the internet chimes in.

Of course I’ll continue with the reviews of Chilean cinema that I come across, this time labeling it as “Chilean Cinema 2014”. I won’t be covering Argentinian Cinema this year, as announced earlier, what might be covered can come as a surprise for the future, or maybe nothing truly special will come, who knows, it depends.

As always, random reviews of other movies might come up here and there, they are always on the works, films that I consider new favorites, films from certain companies, if you don’t know what to look for, look on the sidebar, those are the movies I look for and the ones that I hope to review one day.

Of course, not all are movies in this world. There’s the ocassional book, videogame, special feature, work, whatever I can come up with that will take some time off from your busy schedules.

Hope you can stay with me this year of 2014! Let’s keep on reading!


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