Chilean Cinema 2013 #40: Variaciones espectrales (2013)

(Chile 2013 55m) Cine UC

p Patricio Muñoz G., Paulina Ferreti, Carlos Leiva d/ed Carlos Lertora c Juan Luis Tamayo, Carlos Lertora, Guillermo Parraguez

This is a short capsule review I wrote for

Starting almost like an experimental short, this documentary then evolves (or devolves) into a standard discovery documentary about José Vicente Asuar, the first experimental musician from Chile, who made in the 60’s the first “songs” using electronic apparatus, as well as computers and other elements to create electronic sounds, he is like the grandfather of Latinamerican electronic music, he still lives, disappointed that he didn’t manage to make a revolution in the way of how to create new sounds and compositions, even though he hand crafted a computer in the 70’s made exclusively to compose music with beeps and boops and spectral sounds, just as he described them. This documentary won the Chilean competition and deserved it, it’s the best of the bunch that was nominated for the prize, and it’s the one that carries the most visual interest as well as have the most incredible stories.


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