Chilean Cinema 2013 #39: Los Rockers, rebelde rock and roll (2012)

(Chile 2012 89m) GAM

p Marlene Vargas d Matías Pinochet c Diego Pequeño s Los Rockers

The drummer of a band takes a camera and starts filming the downfall of the music group that he recently joined. It does seem like an interesting and promising enough premise, and at the same time one that asks for a little bit of understanding, because the filmmaking abilities will be amateurish at best. This documentary goes beyond that by portraying in an interesting manner how Los Rockers, the first rockabilly band of Chile, tries to make it big after more than 10 years in the stages and trying to maintain united, keep making good music and make a living out of it.

Los Rockers doesn’t exist anymore, and that’s something that isn’t quite clear when you start the movie, because it seems to be such an energetic story about the thrive and the urge to what we call ‘make it’ that when it ends in a dissapointment is more a surprise and a shock, but not a pleasant one, mainly because the movie avoids any talk about how the band actually got separated. There’s a moment in the film where they get to Mexico after many trials and other stuff, and when the movie starts to end we get some text that describes the awful things that happened there… all of which are more interesting than anything else that has happened in the documentary until that point.

I have only one question to Matías, the director and ex-drummer of the band. What happened? Why didn’t you show all this stuff? Is maybe the most interesting thing and the movie should’ve been only that! Only based on that I deduct a lot of points from this movie, just for teasing me into thinking that there could be a better movie out there. Was it never recorded or you decided to keep it out? I don’t know, and I don’t care anymore.

This is what I wrote for on this movie, when I saw it at Inedit, this review is posted here because it received a theatrical release at the new Sala Radicales:

“Los Rockers is the first rockabilly band of Chile, or so they say when you ask them. After many years of singing and playing their music they think they’ve had it, they finally have the chance to gather some money and visit Mexico, where they think that they’ll find the success and fame that they deserve. Though a bit strange to see a documentary directed by who was the drummer of the band, it still manages to be harsh and direct towards what it’s about, about the desintegration of the friendship of the people who form it, how the compromises made were broken and why the power and the illusion of fame is so important for such a small and poor band. It has some issues in the visual sense, it’s filmed with less rigurosity than most of the documentaries shown in the festival, though it did win last year’s festival in the Chilean competition. This was shown again as part of the 10th anniversary celebration.”



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