Chilean Cinema 2013 #37: Ciudadano Kramer (2013)

(Chile 2013 100m) Cinemark Portal Ñuñoa

p Luis Felipe Engdal, Jean Paul Cathalifaud d Stefan Kramer, Javier Estévez w Stefan Kramer, Javier Estévez, Cristián Jiménez, Pato Pimienta, Javier Manríquez c Antonio Quercia ed Javier Estévez s Alejandro Brownell, Javier Bassino

a Stefan Kramer, Paloma Soto, Teresita Commentz, Andrés Commentz, Benjamín Westfall, Even Clercema

As a sequel to the hit movie ‘Stefan vs. Kramer’ (2012), this actually ‘works’, because it amplifies the challenge adding new imitations done by the imitation master Stefan Kramer, and while there were some unexpected choices, they were all done to perfection and with a great amount of skill. This is where the praise for this movie ends, because this is a fucking mess. Besides the whole aspect of finding the humour in an imitation (which is valid, I did laugh), every other joke falls flat in its own ass because of the ineptitude of the writers when it comes to the structure and then Kramer’s unability to create any sense of comedy when he’s not doing the tics and beeps and bops of the characters he’s performing. The ludicrous story tries to be a heartwarming tale about Stefan’s road to the connection with his self through an over complicated amount of events that seem to come up from the mind of a room full of writers that never took any notes and just did whatever they thought. The visual aspect of the film makes it more similar to a TV sitcom than a movie, as if the film was made to be shown on television and not on cinemas. I don’t know what’s the road for Stefan Kramer and his new found love for making movies, will he rush these once a year? I think that if he gets just one writer (maybe two would work) and he directs the movie with the help of someone he knows and gives it time, we might end up with a great movie some day. This, on the other hand, is just a godawful movie, that doesn’t get to the lows of Nicolás López or Sebastián Badilla just because at least he respects the human being… barely that is. For many moments of the film we seem to perceive a search of Kramer to leave us with a social message, but the whole thing is muddled when he ridiculizes the same characters that he wants to honor, as well as he utilizes the protests of the people as a platform for his own ideas, only to ditch them as something that isn’t necessary or even worth doing. In the end, the movie is like water, it has no taste, no smell, and you drink it because you have to, not because you actually like it. I would be ashamed to be in the credits of this rushed trash film, that saves itself from oblivion because it can actually make you laugh… if you live in Chile.



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