CINE//B_6 2013

CINE//B is becoming quickly one of the most important festivals of independent cinema in Santiago, with an underground attitude as well as one that benefits the pirate and the illegal as well as the amoral cinema. I was greeted and invited to see the films here, and while I wished to see more, I saw what I could. So, here I present to you the films I saw, ranked in order of preference. There’s the title, a translation if needed, the place where it was presented, a rating and a link to a review if available. That’s all!

1. Barroco (Barroque) (2013, Estanislao Buisel Quintana) (Avant Garde) ****1/2
2. 74m2 (2012, Tiziana Panizza, Paola Castillo) (Competencia Largometraje Nacional) ****1/2
3. Camera (2000, David Cronenberg) (Foco Pirata David Cronenberg) ****
4. Ver y escuchar (See and Listen) (2013, José Luis Torres Leiva) (El Nuevo Cine Chileno) ****
5. Soy Mucho Mejor que Vos (Much Better Than You) (2013, Che Sandoval) (El Nuevo Cine Chileno) ****
6. Gloria (2013, Sebastián Lelio) (Foco Sebastián Lelio) ****
7. Portal: No Escape (2011, Daniel Trachtenberg) (Fan Films) ****
8. Ataque de pánico! (Panic Attack!) (2009, Fede Álvarez) (Fan Films) ****
9. Mujer lobo (Wolf Woman) (2013, Tamae Garateguy) (Los Zombies Asesinos Mutantes del Espacio Atacan De Nuevo) ****
10. TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard (2013, Simon Klose) (Creative Commons) ****
11. Propaganda (2012, Slavko Martinov) (Found Footage) ***1/2
12. Raíz (Root) (2013, Matías Rojas) (El Nuevo Cine Chileno) ***1/2
13. La Paz (2013, Santiago Loza) (Competencia Largometraje Internacional) ***1/2
14. Rosita: La Favorita del Tercer Reich (Rosita: The Favorite of the Third Reich)(2012, Pablo Berthelon) (Nuevo Cine Chileno) ***1/2
15. El año del tigre (The Year of the Tiger) (2011, Sebastián Lelio) (Foco Sebastián Lelio) ***1/2
16. Maknum González (2013, George Vonknorring) (Nuevo Cine Chileno) ***1/2
17. Días como Navajas (Days Like Razors) (2013, pitu.the.kid) (Competencia Largometraje Nacional) ***1/2
18. Los Rockers: Rebelde rock and roll (Los Rockers: Rebel Rock and Roll) (2012, Matías Pinochet) (Foco Música) ***1/2
19. Volantín Cortao (Loose Kite) (2013, Diego Ayala, Aníbal Jofré) (El Nuevo Cine Chileno) ***1/2
20. A primera hora (At First Hour) (2012, Javier Correa) (El Nuevo Cine Chileno) ***1/2
21. El hijo pródigo (The Prodigal Son) (2013, Carlos Araya Díaz) (Competencia Largometraje Nacional) ***
22. Sed (Thirst) (2013, Juan Esteban Vega) (Competencia Largometraje Nacional) ***
23. Marea Baja (Low Tide) (2013, Paulo Pécora) (Muestra Largometrajes del Mundo) ***
24. La última estación (The Last Station) (2012, Cristián Soto, Catalina Vergara) (Competencia Largometraje Nacional) ***
25. Los tentados (Tempted) (2013, Mariano Blanco) (Muestra Largometrajes del Mundo) **1/2


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