Danny Steinmann Week: Miscelanea

Image of ‘Spectre’ (1977) courtesy of Shots of Anarchy (chosen by Jaime Grijalba).

On ‘Spectre’ (1977)

An interesting concept that could’ve been so much better if it actually made the jump, was chosen and then expanded into a full TV series, as this was a failed attempt at creating the pilot for a TV series and that was later transformed into a feature length film, a common practice even to this day. As it is in this particular version, it has way too much filler and moments that are non interesting when you compare to the elements that are most of the time completely interesting when you find yourself invested in the plot of the film: the investigation, the paranormal events, the creatures that must be vanquished.

If this was done at this time and age of modern television (60 minutes pilots instead of almost 2 hours) it would’ve been thrilling and impressive, but the result of its expansion to the film version, the filler had to be there, and it’s mostly a snore whenever it appears. Remember that this was finally a Made for TV movie. Gene Roddenberry’s (yeah, the same guy who made a hit out of Star Trek) interest on the ocult and the processes to vanquish demons is quite commendable and interesting, and it would’ve made a great TV series if it was ever picked up, with different adventures around the globe vanquishing demons.

Produced by Danny Steinmann, the film lacks anything even remotely unpredictable, devoiding it of any kind of Steinmannesque elements, except for a scene that takes place in a highly flammable situation, when one of the demons starts to burn by itself (the heading image is telling of that)., but these little moments of shine don’t overshadow other elements of negligence and lack of comprehension that the film should’ve had, because demons and the process of defeating them is always diverse and interesting before you may find yourselves with a Treat not pleasant at all.

On Thanks

Thank you Bob Clark for proofreading most of the posts of Danny Steinmann’s week. Incredible job you magnificent bastard.

Thank you Steve Carlson for believing in me and this project and for rewatching some of the films so he could choose the images that headed most of the final posts of the week.

And thanks to all who supported this. The Danny Steinmann week is over and I just can hope that you enjoyed it.


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