FICVALDIVIA 20º 2013 and Some Updates

This blog started with Valdivia, with a lot of posts on films that I saw in last year’s Valdivia Film Festival, and it was a project that I hoped that would give me some accolades, and I think that I’ve triumphed in that area, I think that I’ve done a decent work of covering the film festivals that my country has, and also speaking a bit about their movies and other films that I like and see, films that I consider masterpieces or films that I just kinda like or find interesting because of their directors, productiong companies or genre elements. That’s what I aim to be with this blog, a voice for the films that don’t usually have one, and for the films that directly speak to me. And I guess that’s the main reason as to why I don’t have many comments in the entries that I do.

The act of writing and maintaining a blog is something akin to an act of love, because it’s desinterested, it’s almost like a sacrifice at times, to see and review movies because you have some kind of drive towards what’s interesting and what you like to write about. In the end, when there’s feedback, likes, comments, whatever it is, you feel that you’ve accomplished something, and that’s the only satisfaction you need sometimes. And with that, I’d like to announce that in 2014 I swear that at least I’ll have three posts a week, and wether they be reviews or these things when I talk about past or ongoing film festivals, it’s a tradition that will continue. I’m making a promise that I’ll go to the latest releases that I find interesting the same week that they come out, to always keep fresh and never feel that I’m blocking myself from seeing the movies I want because I’m overdue with a review or a screening.

I’m also aiming to become more known as a filmmaker, with different works in the realms of fiction, music videos and documentary, I’m planning on having a web show of sorts where I’ll talk about film, a podcast where I talk about movies, a youtube show where I can talk about videogames as I play them, and many other projects that I’m storing in my brain. Right now it’s hard times in Jaime Grijalba’s land, things aren’t easy and I wish that people would understand if I better keep shush about it. At least, for the moment, and I do want to speak about what’s happening, but when it’s solved and it would serve as a morality play of sorts for many people who seem to think that life is easy and you can do whatever you want. But I am happy at certain times, specially with my girlfriend, and that’s all the peace that I have and that I want: Gabriela Valencia, films and books… oh, and writing.

Because this year I’m doing NanoWrimo, I don’t understand why some people hate the concept of people writing a novel so much, but I’m also doing this to write the 50,000 words and that’s all I’m going to do this month. Hope I can make it. So, this turned into more like a status update than an overview of this year’s Valdivia Film Festival. I still have some reviews pending at on the movies that I saw at Valdivia, but I don’t have time or capabilities to finish them due to the same circumstances. I hope one day, soon, things can calm down.

So, I wasn’t able to attend all days of the festival, as the amount of films seen down below says, but I wish that people would appreciate what I did there. I had a great time and I wish that next year I can go to all the days and stay in that beautiful city. As always, the films are in order of preference, they are listed under their original title (and an english translation if needed), the year it was released, the director, the section in which it was programmed and a rating. If there’s a review available, it will be linked at. Without much further ado, here you go, enjoy:

1. La libertad (Freedom) (2001, Lisandro Alonso) (20 = 10 + 10) ****1/2
2. The Dirties (2013, Matthew Johnson) (Selección Oficial Largometraje Internacional) ****1/2
3. Z32 (2008, Avi Mograbi) (Avi Mograbi – Políticas de la Intimidad) ****1/2
4. Las cosas como son (Things As They Are) (2012, Fernando Lavanderos) (Ventana del Cine Chileno) ****1/2
5. Searching for Sugar Man (2012, Malik Bendjelloul) (Muestra Especial In Edit-Nescafé) ****1/2
6. Il futuro (The Future) (2013, Alicia Scherson) (Ventana del Cine Chileno) ****1/2
7. Naomi Campbel (2013, Nicolás Videla, Camila José Donoso) (Selección Oficial Largometraje Internacional) ****
8. Jiao you (Stray Dogs) (2013, Ming-liang Tsai) (Gala) ****
9. Nekam Achat Mishtey Eynay (Avenge But One of my Two Eyes) (2005, Avi Mograbi) (Avi Mograbi – Políticas de la Intimidad) ****
10. Aquí se construye (o Ya no existe el lugar donde nací) (Building Here) (2000, Ignacio Agüero) (20 = 10 + 10) ****
11. Ver y escuchar (See and Listen) (2013, José Luis Torres Leiva) (Ventana del Cine Chileno) ****
12. Soy mucho mejor que vos (I’m so much better than you) (2013, Che Sandoval) (Ventana del Cine Chileno) ****
13. Gloria (2013, Sebastián Lelio) (Ventana del Cine Chileno) ****
14. Quiero morirme dentro de un tiburón (I wanna die inside a Shark) (2012, Sofía Gómez) (Ventana del Cine Chileno) ****
15. Volantín cortao (Drifting Kite) (2013, Diego Ayala, Aníbal Jofré) (Selección Oficial Largometraje Internacional) ***1/2
16. Magic Magic (2013, Sebastián Silva) (Ventana del Cine Chileno) ***1/2
17. Vers Madrid (The Burning Bright)! (2012, Sylvain George) (Disidencias) ***1/2
18. Ruin (2013, Michael Cody, Amiel Courtin-Wilson) (Selección Oficial Largometraje Internacional) ***1/2
19. It Felt Like Love (2013, Eliza Hittman) (Selección Oficial Largometraje Internacional) ***1/2
20. Vecinos del volcán (Volcano Neighbours) (2013, Iván Tziboulka) (Selección Oficial Largometraje Chileno) ***1/2
21. El hijo pródigo (The Prodigal Son) (2013, Carlos Araya Díaz) (Selección Oficial Largometraje Chileno) ***
22. Cichonga (2013, Esteban Rojas, Pablo Parés, Hernán Sáez) (Visiones Latinoamericanas – Nocturna) ***
23. Fiesta Falsa (Fake Party) (2013, Daniel Peralta) (Selección Oficial Largometraje Chileno) ***
24. Lukas nino (Lukas the Strange) (2013, John Torres) (Selección Oficial Largometraje Internacional) ***

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