My Creations – Music Video for ‘Stupid Child’ by Topher

The second music video that I’ve directed, but this time I was alone at this endeavor, with a stupendous team of people by my side, giving me support and doing all the work that they had to do. It wasn’t an easy shoot and not even an easy editing stage (this time I did edit the final product), but it was worth it, as I think that it’s a product that shows some kind of beauty and what I’m able to do put in a certain position in which I have no control on what goes on the screen at what time, or when I have no input on the things that happen in the screen (except for a few changes here and there). This was a much bigger production, as you could possibly see when you certain shots and the place where it was filmed, but I felt confident, even if the major powers at stake weren’t the best to tackle. So, I give you this, I hope you enjoy it and let’s see if I have something else to show you much much sooner than what happened between last time and this time. You can watch it below on youtube.

(Chile 2013, 4 min 14sec) Youtube

p Alexánder Hernández, Manuel Rojas, Cristóbal Pozo, Yerko Onell d/ed Jaime Grijalba c Hisashi Tanida, Jaime Grijalba s Topher

a Topher, Stephanie Fox, José Carlos Henríquez


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