OOM #24 – AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004)

Hello everyone, in an unexpected move from James Rolfe’s Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness, he decided to have the Alien vs Predator films as part of the Alien series of movies, which makes some sense, but no real sense to me, as I consider them to be more like spin-offs, as much as they try to connect it to the original series. So, here you can watch the review on video he made, and you can read my review down below.

Everything that was good about ‘Alien’ (1979), ‘Aliens’ (1986) and ‘Alien 3’ (1992) is completely forgotten in this Paul W.S. Anderson helmed project, and while I’m not familiar with the Predator films, I can tell you that I know the basics of them, how it works, and I guess that in terms of what the legacy of these films are, they weren’t exactly damaged in any way, shape or form, except for the fact that it leaves Predators as wusses and humans as the best killing machine, that I guess wasn’t the idea when the film creature that the Predator was, was created. The movie is an ugly cyan mess that feels metalic even in its marketed conception of being a clash between two franchises that everybody was waiting for, even though ‘Freddy vs. Jason’ (2003) was succesful at what it was getting across, it also managed to have much more ‘art’ when it came to it, with a mostly interesting cinematography and a way of shooting the film that managed to remind you more of kung fu than a horror film, a fresher approach after many repetitions and iterations of films. This movie may have a stupendous art direction, maybe a staple and almost a basic thing when it comes to a film of the Alien series, but here it doesn’t look as great as it should, everything seems to shine always, there’s no mood, just a bunch of rocks that look antique, but also look as if they were chiseled that same afternoon, it doesn’t look real, sadly, as opposed to the created worlds even in ‘Prometheus’ (2012) there was the sense and smell of aging in every structure.

Here is the ‘cool dude’ version of an Alien film, the one with the Predator, the one that introduced an entire generation to two classic monsters from the 70’s and 80’s in the most action way possible and with the director that was most famous for its playful hability as well as slick visual style that makes everything that he does… boring and clean as hell. When this movie came out I was concious and everybody was talking about it, posters were hanging everywhere and everyone had the same question: who was going to win? I wasn’t compelled to watch it (I’m seeing it for the first time today, that’s the idea of this month), because I wasn’t too much into movies at that age (14 years old, movie crazy came at 15 years old) and I didn’t really knew Alien or Predator as creatures, as I hadn’t seen either film (just caught glimpses of some Alien sequels on TV), and I guess I didn’t lose much, this is a film that barely keeps you entertained until it manages to get to the best part, when the human takes control and actually is par to par with the Predator when it comes to killing aliens. That’s perhaps the best thing about this movie, how it manages to make its protagonist cool as hell with little elements. The rest can go to hell.



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