OOM #19 – Gamera daikaijû kuchu kessen (1995)

Today we have a weird one, in terms of choice on what to see more than anything, that’s because James Rolfe (the guideline I follow for my personal travel through horror each October) today made  a revision of not just one but four Gamera films, those made starting in 1995, and since I can’t really see 4 movies in one day (*cough*bullshit*cough*) I decided to just go ahead and review the first one he talked about in this spectacular video, ‘Gamera: Guardian of the Universe’ (1995). Let’s see what happens this time.

Gamera is back! I know I said that yesterday would’ve been the last entry on a Gamera film, but look what happened, I’m eating my own words and now writing about the first reboot of the series, this one with a serious approach to the creature, much like the first 1965 film, but with a twist: the fact is that Gamera isn’t destroying the cities of Japan because he wants to (as in the original mentioned film), but because he is in a search, and he is more interested in the peace and wellbeing of the humans, just like in the latter films of the original series, just that here he’s a bit clumsy and dopey, maybe that makes him angry towards the humans who are trying to polute, or when his mortal enemy, Gyaos, is hiding in town, he doesn’t care for people or buildings when he charges against the nasty birds. Also, this time Gamera has a much more mystique grounding, being a creature that appears to defend humanity when Gyaos appears, and he has a more ‘runic’ or ‘druidic’ upribing, with a mysterious and magical amulet that links him with the will power of a young girl that gives him the love for humanity and the strength to defeat anything that comes in front of him.

The film itself is quite entertaining and mixes in a good manner the human element as well as the monster element, this later one being espectacular in certain shots and fights. The cinematography is serviceable more than anything, and the acting is kinda lacking from certain performers, while there are some that nail the part perfectly (mostly the professionals), the young girl that Gamera links to and a crazy overacting reporter/investigator kinda bring the movie down a bit when it focuses on them too much. Besides that, there’s not much else to write about in this movie, it’s really lacking in many fronts, specially when it comes to the script, for a moment it seems that is going on circles and at times it seems way too long for 90 minutes. The best moments are certainly anything involving the big Gyaos spawn birds, because it matches the humans against the monsters, and that’s something we don’t see too often in Gamera films (so used to fight in other planets and never truly harm humans. This is a nice new start for Gamera, but I guess I’m just a bit overwhelmed with this giant turtle creature for this year, maybe one day I’ll watch the rest of the Gamera films, and maybe one day we’ll see the much awaited Godzilla vs Gamera.



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