OOM #14 – Daikaijû kûchûsen: Gamera tai Gyaosu (1967)

Hello Everyone! The madness of this October has been kind, the movies have been easy to get, and besides the expected delays of being in Valdivia we’ve been pretty much in schedule and without many constraints towards the finding and the watching and then reviewing of this films. I hope it continues to be that way! Today I watch the next installment of the Gamera original series, ‘Gamera vs. Gyaos’ (1967) and you can watch the review of James Rolfe right here. My review? Why would you want to read that? Anyway, here it is.

This is the point where the Gamera films start getting ridiculous and less interesting, and it’s only the third installment, for that to happen in the Godzilla films we had to wait until chapter 5 or 6 (can’t remember too well), in this one we already are looking for something else to do with all the elements that can be found here. It starts with a volcano and a town under it that tries to find the way to sell the land of its ancestors in the most expensive way so that they can get a profit out of it, all this while the constructor workers are actually thinking of doing the road somewhere just to not pay for the expensive land that they want to build on. All this is going on while, obviously, Gamera comes to see the volcano erupting, as we already stablished, he is a fanatic of new sources of power, and he just loves to go there and suck out the energy, all the people finding in that gesture something kind, but it’s actually just his animal nature, at least for now. Then, there’s this kid who loves Gamera, and that becomes a staple for later works (Gamera becomes the friend of all children, as we all know) that knows about this monster that lives near the village, Gyaos, a bird or a bat that shoots laser and is fearful of the sunlight.

Where does Gyaos come from? We don’t know, we’re not given a backstory, what became the most interesting part of the earlier installments of this series, this time Gyaos seems to appear as soon as the volcano starts erupting, and that is weak for me. I need something or the other, and I’m speaking about any kaiju film ever made, even the Godzillas that fault at having proper explanations and just go around saying ‘YAY MONSTERS’ lack something for me, personally. As a screenwriter I have to give some respect to the craft that I love and respect, you can have all the monsters you like, I love them to death, but have a reason for them to appear, because if there’s nothing there, we can’t have nice things or rewatchable or even decent for prosperity, or even to defend our love for giant monsters from Japan. When will we ever get the respect that we so dearly not need if we keep defending nonsense as this episode of Gamera. Whatever, actually, this isn’t all bad, specially because the fight sequences between Gamera and Gyaos form a decent part of the plot, with three encounters, all of them with a decent amount of violence and blood being spilled (purple blood that is). Besides that, there’s not much else to write about. Only for fans, I guess.



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