OOM #10 – Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1969)

My final day in Valdivia! And there’s still three Frankenstein Hammer films to visit. I hope that I can write this one quickly, big day at the festival today! I’ll be seeing the movie I looked forward the most. Anyway, back to what’s important, the horror, the horror, the horror! ‘Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed’ (1969) is today’s movie, and you can watch the video review of James Rolfe right here, and you can read my review below.

I have really short time to write this review. The film is a slight step down from the sequels directed by Terence Fisher, as it finds itself more comfortable by having Baron Frankenstein in the center, but not that doing that is wrong, but actually putting his search for new knowledge as the main point of the plot is kinda weak, specially when we know how powerful he already is. Besides that, this film contains the most nefarious and unliked rape scene (Cushing and the actress were embarrased and said sorry to each other for doing this scene) involving the Doctor. Then, there’s the whole thing about how I didn’t liked the creature that was put forward this time, it seemed a bit convoluted the whole process that they went through to make the new monster appear in the plot, there’s a doctor that has some knowledge, but he’s insane, but he also has a heart attack, so his brain must be transferred and then his brain operated to make it better, but that obviously goes wrong, hence we have our creature.

It’s kinda boring to say that the film has a creature that doesn’t really do anything. He wants revenge, sure, and in the end of the film we can see the extent of his strength as well as will power, but also the creature doesn’t wreak havoc in the streets nor attacks anyone but one person, and that is just weak for a movie taht it’s about monsters that are scary and try to kill people. Even though I seem to be extremely negative, the film is actually quite good at many points, specially when it’s about the process before the plot even begins: a head is cut off, a fight ensues, blood and gust everywhere, just classy stuff that makes up for the lack of later violence in the film (one could wonder that this was the reason for all the blood in the starting minutes, maybe a studio indictment?).

 The acting from Cushing is superb, even in the rape sequence, making it one of the most disturbing pieces that he ever acted in his life. The problems of this film are slight when compared to many other horror movies, this one just lacks a bit of a punch, but it maintains the master style of Fisher that has earned him a spot as a master of horror, building up the tension and the momentum with experiments, plans, blackmail, as if it were more like an espionage flick than one to scare you, but it works, and it’s recommendable for those who already are way into the Frankenstein Hammer series, it’s one I wouldn’t miss.



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