OOM #9 – Frankenstein Created Woman (1967)

Another day at the cold yet warm on the inside Valdivia! Another day of October Overlook’s Madness! Today we have the next installment of the Frankenstein Hammer series, a weird one as James Rolfe’s says in his video review that you can watch right here! What do I think about it? Well, let’s read!

Well, yes, you could say that this is a strange entry in the Frankenstein series, specially because in this one there’s actually no created body or crazy grave digging as in the other films, this one is a calm and spooky romance that happens to have Baron Frankenstein around to make things spicier, and I don’t say this in a negative way, the moment in which Frankenstein enters the story doesn’t feel forced but natural, and I think this would be the best approach to these kind of movies were sequels just keep getting made, This is like when they wanted in the Halloween series to get away from the figure of Michael Myers and I think that if they made a better film out of number 3, that would’ve been the case. But here we have, number 4 and only one miss-step, and not a disaster at that, how well does the Frankenstein series evolve in the future? If it maintains the style presented in ‘Frankenstein Created Woman’ (1967) maybe it’s nothing to worry about.

The film is about Hans, for the most part, the aid of Frankenstein that is very intelligent but has the bad luck of liking the daughter of a landlord nearby the house where the experiments take place. After saving her from three rich bastards, she has sex with him as a form of compensation and also as a proof of love that they feel for each other. Her face is deformed, but he just doesn’t care, he loves and that is beautiful. Sadly, the same night that he is making love with her, the three rich bastards kill the landlord, giving them a body with only one possible murderer: the guy who wouldn’t say what he was doing that night, Hans. Saying things quickly, he is executed and the girl commits suicide, but don’t worry, Dr. Frankenstein to the rescue! He puts the soul of Hans into the body of the revived woman, through a method of tresspassing through force fields (complicated stuff that only makes sense when you’re watching the movie, but once you get out the magic is over).

Being quicker today about the final assestment, I must say that this is an interesting and well done entry in the series, it’s kinda reminiscent of the first Frankenstein Hammer series, in the way that the creature and the science are relegated to the secondary part, where the buildup and the way that this romance goes on even after death is just amazing to think about. Nevertheless, the characters do make some strange and stupid decissions just to make the plot advance or a plot point to be revealed. The film isn’t perfect, but you know? It’s not ridiculous, as outlandish and weird that this premise sounds on the ears of those who aren’t initiated in the world of Frankenstein. But even if a misleading title is what I can get out of this film at the end, there’s still lots of goods to see here and there, specially by Peter Cushing, as always flawless with the interpretation of the Baron.



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