OOM #4 – The Mummy’s Ghost (1944)

Here we are, the fourth day of October, the fourth day of Halloween, the scariest month and the one that is filled with the most uncertainty, just now it’s 9pm and I’ve yet to finish writing today’s assignment that I’ve given to myself. So, today was the turn for this new sequel of the Kharris series of mummy films of the Universal. The review of ‘The Mummy’s Ghost’ (1944) for the Cinemassacre’s Monster Massacre (by James Rolfe) can be seen here. My review is right now down below.

Now I understand the charm of the Universal films. There’s just a special charm with the troupe of actors and imagery that repeats from film to film, there’s a cult devoted to finding the connections, the shots, the reused footage, the props, everything. I find myself as a fan of most of their output, but I just can’t seem to be an eternal apologetic figure that just goes away liking and recommending everything to everyone. Some of the films can only be enjoyed by fans of either the creatures that they feature or the Universal House of Horror in general. For example, here’s this film, practically unwatchable for anyone that doesn’t understand the charm of the age and craft of the horrific creatures done by Jack Pierce and the Universal.

Another thing about the troupe, the bunch of actors that got together to make films and made the stuff of their surnames legend: Karloff, Lugosi, Chaney (Jr. and Sr.), Carradine and many many others. In this movie we see the reunion of two big names for the universal, and as a team of bad guys nonetheless! It’s interesting to see how the stars of these films weren’t the protagonists, the heroes, they were marketed by saying who was a monster and not who defeated the monster (if the monster was ever defeated) Who remembers the names of the protagonists of this film? i dare anyone to come up with any name at all, I bet you, the actors have faded out into obscurity.

So, Chaney and Carradine, as mummy and priest of Egypt. the movie is a cookie-cutter experience from the last two films, being way too similar in many of its elements and plot developments, and even in some of the use that characters have to move the plot forward. The only real new element here is that the girl who is the love interest of the protagonist actually has some weight to the plot, being the supposed reincarnation of the Princess Anankah, the princess that Kharris was protecting. Surviving the fire that supposedly made him dissapear in the last film, the mummy with the new priest that travels all the way from Egypt to continue the mission of recovering the princess and its protector.

The film is mostly ridiculous but really fun at many times, but I still can’t help but think that these films get even less and less original, as James Rolfe says in his review, maybe the ending is what saves this movie from complete oblivion and discarding in a pile of failed horror films. I’d say that it’s on the level of its earlier installment. Let’s see if tomorrow with the last installment of the mummy series we have something interesting… but I doubt it.



One response to “OOM #4 – The Mummy’s Ghost (1944)

  1. I completely agree it is stronger than THE MUMMY’S CURSE, but still, it’s nothing to write home about. Always nice to see these actors, even if in the service of lackluster vehicles. Again your have sized this up masterfully. It’s been years since I last saw this film.

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