Chilean Cinematheque ‘La Moneda’ Program: September

I’ve decided to have a new feature on the site, beyond the fact that there’s the month of Horror going on in October right now, I shall make this post (and others as needed) at every start of the month, highlighting what I saw or have seen at the National Cinematheque that we have in Chile, the one that is at our government house, La Moneda. They have retrospectives and new releases, it’s always interesting to go and have a look each day, at least one thing of real interest will be playing, I can’t recommend it enough, they’re lovely and always a great time to be there.

This month I managed to see some films from the retrospective that they’re having right now, I’m going to explain all the “sections” that are available in the list of movies by the end of this post:

40 años (40 Years): 40 Years has passed since the coup d’ètat that destroyed democracy in Chile, and the National Cinematheque did a spectacular program of films made in the time of the coup, before and after, from all over the world but always related. Maybe the most interesting of all the programs this month.

Africa vista por… (Africa Seen By…): There’s an art showing at the Cultural Center of La Moneda (where the Cinematheque is) showcasing the art, dances, paintings and overall culture from Africa, and to support it, the cinematheque programmed a bunch of films about Africa done by filmmakers from around the world. Some strange choices here.

Estreno (Premiere): Any section with the word ‘Estreno’ means that it’s a premiere, a new movie coming out in cinemas (or just in this particular screen) that could be called a premiere in Chile.

As always, you have the films that I saw, a translation if needed, the section in which they were programmed (look up for meanings of that), a rating and a review if available. Have a nice month everyone!

1. La batalla de Chile: La lucha de un pueblo sin armas – Primera parte: La insurreción de la burguesía (The Battle of Chile: Part 1) (1975, Patricio Guzmán) (40 años) ****1/2
2. La batalla de Chile: La lucha de un pueblo sin armas – Tercera parte: El poder popular (The Battle of Chile: Part 3) (1979, Patricio Guzmán) (40 años) ****1/2
3. La batalla de Chile: La lucha de un pueblo sin armas – Segunda parte: El golpe de estado (The Battle of Chile: Part 2) (1976, Patricio Guzmán) (40 años) ****1/2
4. Calafate, zoológicos humanos (Calafate, human zoos) (2010, Hans Mülchi) (MIRADOC – Estreno Documental) ****1/2
5. Palomita blanca (Little White Dove) (1973, Raúl Ruiz) (40 años) ****
6. De jueves a domingo (From Thursday Till Sunday) (2012, Dominga Sotomayor) (Estreno Chileno) ****
7. Invictus (2009, Clint Eastwood) (Africa vista por…)
8. Isidora (2012, Christian Aylwin, Nicolás Superby) (Estreno Documental) ****
9. Las malas intenciones (The Bad Intentions) (2011, Rosario García-Montero) (Estreno Exclusivo Latinoamericano) ***1/2
10. Tarzan the Ape Man (1932, W.S. Van Dyke) (Africa vista por…) ***
11. Blood Diamond (2006, Edward Zwick) (Africa vista por…) ***
12. Trapananda: en la Patagonia occidental (Trapananda: in the Occidental Patagonia) (Estreno Documental) ***


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