SANFIC 9 2013

With a large Chilean filmic presence was done the latest Santiago Festival of International Cinema (SANFIC), one of the most important Chilean festivals of the year, where most of the people who live in the capital have some access to certain films that wouldn’t be available in any other way to the main public in months to come, or even they won’t be able to see again in the rest of their lives. However, as you will see (based on my ratings) this festival is kinda lackluster in terms of quality, specially when it comes to its competition slate, but when we talk about the films that they manage to bring to Chile (all those labelled ‘Experiencias’) it’s amazing what they can manage to have.

This year I was able to attend some of the films (though not all I would’ve wanted) thanks to the acreditation I had through, where I still write about some of the films that I saw, and that I’ll always link up here on this site afterwards. Thanks to SANFIC and TwitchFilm for the opportunity and I hope that next year the organization for press members is much better than what it was this year.

As always, I have to you the films that I saw in this festival, either before, during and after, that were in the main slate and other showings. You have the original title, the translation of the title to english (if aplicable), year of release, name of director, the slate in which it played and finally a rating based on 5 stars (*****)- If available, there’ll be a link to a full review of the film. So, that’s that, enjoy!

1. Yi dai zong shi (The Grandmaster) (2013, Kar Wai Wong) (Experiencias) *****
2. Computer Chess (2013, Andrew Bujalski) (Experiencias) *****
3. Only Lovers Left Alive (2013, Jim Jarmusch) (Experiencias) ****1/2
4. Jagten (The Hunt) (2012, Thomas Vinterberg) (Experiencias) ****1/2
5. Nebraska (2013, Alexander Payne) (Experiencias) ****1/2
6. Entre les murs (The Class) (2008, Laurent Cantet) (Laurent Cantet: La Riqueza de lo Humano) ****1/2
7. Blancanieves (Snow White) (2012, Pablo Berger) (Visiones del Mundo) ****
8. Ver y escuchar (See and Listen) (2013, José Luis Torres Leiva) (Competencia de Cine Chileno) ****
9. Après mai (Something in the Air) (2012, Olivier Assayas) (Experiencias) ****
10. Berberian Sound Studio (2012, Peter Strickland) (Visiones del Mundo) ****
11. 5 Broken Cameras (2011, Emad Burnat, Guy Davidi) (Visiones del Mundo) ****
12. Soy mucho mejor que vos (I’m much better than you) (2013, Che Sandoval) (Competencia Internacional) ****
13. El Alcalde (The Mayor) (2012, Emiliana Altuna, Diego Enrique Osorno, Carlos Rossini) (Visiones del Mundo) ****
14. Gloria (2013, Sebastián Lelio) (Sanfic Comunas) ****
15. Cesare deve morire (Caesar Must Die) (2012, Paolo Taviani, Vittorio Taviani) (Experiencias) ****
16. La Paz (2013, Santiago Loza) (Experiencias) ***1/2
17. Occupy the Imagination: Tales of Seduction and Resistance (2013, Rodrigo Dorfman) (Competencia de Cine Chileno) ***1/2
18. Shell (2012, Scott Graham) (Competencia Internacional) ***1/2
19. Maknum González (2013, George Vonknorring) (Función Especial) ***1/2
20. Sao Karaoke (Karaoke Girl) (2013, Visrit Vichit-Vadakan) (Competencia Internacional) ***1/2
21. Hijo de Trauco (Son of Trauco) (2013, Alan Fischer) (Competencia de Cine Chileno) ***1/2
22. We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks (2013, Alex Gibney) (Experiencias) ***1/2
23. Iglú (Igloo) (2013, Diego Ruiz) (Función Especial) ***
24. Broken (2012, Rufus Norris) (Visiones del Mundo) ***
25. Los Dueños (The Owners) (2013, Agustín Toscano, Ezequiel Raduzky) (Competencia Internacional) ***
26. Las analfabetas (Illiterate) (2013, Moisés Sepúlveda) (Competencia de Cine Chileno) ***
27. My Brother the Devil (2012, Sally El Hosaini) (Visiones del Mundo) ***
28. Marea Baja (Low Tide) (2013, Paulo Pécora) (Visiones del Mundo) ***
29. Locaciones: Buscando a Rusty James (Locations: Searching for Rusty James) (2013, Alberto Fuguet) (Competencia de Cine Chileno) ***
30. Génesis nirvana (2013, Alejandro Lagos) (Competencia de Cine Chileno) **1/2
31. Aftershock (2012, Nicolás López) (Función Especial) *1/2


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