FesTarapacá 5º 2013

3 days of great cinema was what happened past July, from the 18th til the 21st the people in Tarapacá and Antofagasta where able to see many new Chilean films, as well as from all over the world. The highlight for me is that this festival was able to have as Opening Film the newest and definitive version of the much awaited ‘Tiempos malos’ (2008) the latest film of famous Chilean filmmaker Cristián Sánchez, that is right now looking for venues to premiere it. The festival managed to get some truly great names in there, and I hope that it continues to grow and that maybe one day I can attend.

As always I have a list of the films shown in the festival that I managed to see before or after it finished, with the name, a translation if necesary, the competition or slate in which it played and a rating. If there’s a review available it will have a link. Without much else to add, enjoy.

1. Tiempos malos (Bad Times) (2008, Cristian Sánchez) (Película Inaugural) ****1/2
2. Phantom (1922, F.W. Murnau) (Ventana Cineteca Nacional) ****
3. Las Cruces de Quillagua (The Crosses of Quillagua) (2012, Jorge Marzuca) (Competencia Internacional de Documentales) ****
4. Le bonheur… Terre promise (2011, Laurent Hasse) (Competencia Internacional de Documentales) ***1/2
5. Marker 72 (2012, Miguel Ángel Vidaurre) (Ventana Nocturna) ***1/2
6. Las malas intenciones (The Bad Intentions) (2011, Rosario García-Montero) (Ventana Nocturna) ***1/2
7. Cuentos sobre el futuro (Tales About the Future) (2012, Pachi Bustos) (Competencia Internacional de Documentales) ***
8. El caso Sarayaku (The Sarayaku Case) (2012, Arturo Hortas) (Competencia Internacional de Documentales) **1/2


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