Chilean Cinema 2013 #19: Marker 72 (2012)

(Chile 2012 72m) Cineteca Nacional

p Paulina Obando d/w Miguel Ángel Vidaurre c Vicente Mayo, Gerardo Fuentes ed Ximena Faunes

As a chronicle of the visit that Chris Marker made to Chile in 1972 when Salvador Allende was the president, this particular movie doesn’t shed any specific or particular light on the subject itself, just with enough access to those filmmakers and people that worked in the new chilean cinema at the time and were able to see him or talk to him, but beyond that there’s not actually more information on what his goal or purpose in the country was. Chris Marker was on the crew that made Costa-Gavra’s magnificent masterpiece filmed in Chile ‘État de siège’ (1972), and I think that the amount of information about the making of this particular movie in Chile during the communist democratic government of the ‘Unidad Popular’ makes up for a more interesting and thrilling film or even documentary. The memories, the stories, the anecdotes, comparing how Chile looked there and now, this particular documentary instead of being an essay on the stay of Chris Marker in Santiago de Chile, it’s way more succesful as an essay on a film on the making of one of the best political films of all time. The interviews at the start and the end to Patricio Guzmán, one of the most famous directors of Chile and worldwide, tell interesting tidbits and facts about his personal relation with him, the only chilean who ever had an extensive relationship with the enigmatic Marker, but at the same time this is information that he has divulged many times in interviews and articles at other instances, so it’s not as important as the film wants it to be. The structure and certain sequences do reminisce the structure and visual style of certain Marker movies, but at the same time it’s not as revolutionary or experimental as it wants to be. In a way, it’s a nice approach and it’s informative enough for those who want a glimpse to the work of Marker through one of his most unknown moments of his life.



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