FIDOCS 17º 2013

This is a special festival for me. First of all, it was one of the first that I actually attended, back in 2010, seeing some interesting movies and then covering it for my blog. This is the first time that I’ve covered a festival for another venue other than my blog or Wonders in the Dark, this time I was working for the great guys at TwitchFilm, who made it possible for me to be acredited to attend the films and the documentaries. This year was special since I had many friends attending and organizing it, I had the best time of my life actually at a sad time that I was having. Thanks a lot to all of the people who made this possible. FIDOCS is still one of the best times of the year at the movies every year, and I hope that it continues!

I didn’t see everything I wanted, but I managed to see quite a lot! The films here are listed in order of preference, and as always there’s a link to something I’ve written about them, if it’s available (this time I also link to my pieces at Twitch), a translation of the title of the film (if needed), the section in which it played and a rating out of 5 stars (*****). The winners of any competition or award are in boldface. Without much else to add, here you are:

1. La batalla de Chile: La lucha de un pueblo sin armas – Primera parte: La insurreción de la burguesía (The Battle of Chile: The Insurrection of the Bourgeoisie) (1975, Patricio Guzmán) (40 años a la distancia) ****1/2
2. La batalla de Chile: La lucha de un pueblo sin armas – Tercera parte: El poder popular (The Battle of Chile: The Power of the People) (1979, Patricio Guzmán) (40 años a la distancia) ****1/2
3. La batalla de Chile: La lucha de un pueblo sin armas – Segunda parte: El golpe de estado (The Battle of Chile: The Coup d’Etat) (1976, Patricio Guzmán) (40 años a la distancia) ****1/2
4. Museum Hours (2012, Jem Cohen) (Desde otra (p)arte) ****1/2
5. Chats perchés (The Case of the Grinning Cat) (2004, Chris Marker) (Foco Chris Marker) ****1/2
6. Pena de muerte (Death Penalty) (2012, Tevo Díaz) (Competencia Chilena) ****1/2
7. El otro día (Another Day) (2012, Ignacio Agüero) (Competencia Chilena) ****1/2
8. Vergiss mein nicht (Forget me Not) (2012, David Sieveking) (Panorama Internacional) ****1/2
9. …A Valparaíso (1965, Joris Ivens) (Foco Chris Marker) ****
10. La Maison de la radio (The House of the Radio) (2013, Nicolas Philibert) (Película Inaugural) ****
11. 5 Broken Cameras (2011, Emad Burnat, Guy Davidi) (Panorama Internacional) ****
12. Le souvenir d’un avenir (Remembrance of Things to Come) (2003, Chris Marker) (Foco Chris Marker) ****
13. Sibila (2012, Teresa Arredondo) (Santiago, Ciudad Abierta) ****
14. Las Cruces de Quillagua (The Crosses of Quillagua) (2012, Jorge Marzuca) (Competencia Chilena) ****
15. ¿Qué historia es esta y cuál es su final? (Which story is this and how does it end?) (2013, José Luis Torres Leiva) (Competencia Chilena) ****
16. Quiero morirme dentro de un tiburón (I wanna die inside a Shark) (2012, Sofía Paloma Gómez) (Competencia Chilena) ****
17. Le bonheur… Terre promise (2011, Laurent Hasse) (Panorama Internacional) ***1/2
18. Mejunje (2012, Juan Manuel Gamazo) (Competencia Latinoamericana) ***1/2
19. A primera hora (At First Hour) (2012, Javier Correa) (Competencia Chilena) ***1/2
20. Els monstres de ca meva (Los monstruos de mi casa) (The Monsters of my house) (2010, Marta Hierro, Alberto Jarabo) (Panorama Internacional) ***1/2
21. La última estación (The Last Station) (2012, Cristián Soto, Catalina Vergara) (Competencia Chilena) ***
22. La rencontre (The Meeting) (1996, Alain Cavalier) (Panorama Internacional) **1/2
23. Il nous faut du bonheur (We Need Happiness) (2011, Alexei Jankowski, Aleksandr Sokurov) (Panorama Internacional) **1/2


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