Argentinian Cinema 2013 #8: Acá adentro (2013)

(Argentina 2013 68m) Online Screener

p/d/w Mateo Bendesky c Luis Andrade ed Iara Rodríguez Vilardebó

a Iair Said, Katia Szechtman, Adriana Andrada, Jonás Chala de Bellis, Cristina Dramisino, Vladimir Durán, Cecilia Pertusi, Claudio Rangnau, Martín Shanly, Jair Toledo

Do I have a reason to be doing this right now? Not really, I was just doing nothing and suddenly had the urge to write this review that I had pending for quite a while, it’s like that thing that prevents you from advancing, like having a writer’s block but in terms of things that you have to do for your life. This was one of them and now that I’m doing it a million other things will appear, but at least now I’ll have this thing done for sure. I’m sick, I have an infection, I feel it in my nose, throat and ears, filling and at the same time being eliminated from my system through the drugs and other pills that I’m taking. Why am I speaking like this right now if I’m writing the review for a movie that I saw weeks after Bafici ended? Well, mainly because the whole film is done in this style, it’s a stream of conciousness, of course here I’m being much more structured because that kind of narrative is almost exclusive to the latinamerican authors and certain filmmakers, while in english and other languages it’s much more difficult to do so, and when you do it you are either hated forever or held as the greatest author since God writing the Bible… I’m talking about Joyce of course… I can’t remember if Joyce was mentioned in this movie, must’ve, it’s like the most common reference point in terms of narrative-like movies, specially one about a struggling filmmaker-screenwriter that wants to find something to write about while his life passes around him and all the thoughts that go through his head come to us. I don’t know if it’s the first movie that is like this, mainly because it’s all in practically one location and how our protagonist goes and buys stuff to make himself something to eat, goes to the psychiatrist and then ends up at the launch of a book of a friend. All these things happen quickly, it’s never boring, but at the same time you can think to yourself… ‘hey, this is way too easy’, there’s no challenge here, no greatness involved, it’s just an experiment, and with that I can’t say it’s not a good one, it’s a great one, it’s one that works, entertains and keeps you hooked for whenever the next turn of the mind of the protagonist will take us… beyond that, there’s nothing.



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