Argentinian Cinema #7: Tesis sobre un homicidio (2013)

(Argentina, Spain 2013 106m) DVD

p Daniela Alvarado, Mariela Besuievsky, Jimena Blanco, Daniel Burman, Diego Dubcovsky, Josean Gómez, Gerardo Herrero, Axel Kuschevatzky, Alfredo Odorisio, Vanessa Ragone d Hernán Goldfrid w Patricio Vega, Diego Paszkowski c Rolo Pulpeiro ed  Pablo Barbien Carrera s Sergio Moure

a Sergio Darín, Alberto Ammann, Calu Rivero, Arturo Puig, Fabián Arenillas, Mara Bestelli, Antonio Ugo, José Luis Mazza, Mateo Chiraino, Natalia Santiago, Ezequiel De Almeida, Cecilia Atán

Ricardo Darín is an institution, an actor that has been named (and with a certain amount of good causes) ‘the only argentinean actor’. He seems to be in every production that either gets popular or critical notoriety, and at times it is due to his own talents as an incredible actor and at other times is because of the movie itself and how well directed it is. Let’s just have a look at the most recent and famous argentinian films and we can see his name in practically each and everyone of them, where his invincible beard and voice capture the attention of the viewer instantly. Maybe that’s what makes this particular film endurable but at the end a major dissapointment, a policial thriller starrring Darín as a lawyer who suspects that one of his students of the postgraduate that he is imparting has murdered a woman only to proove that he can make the perfect crime. The obsession of the lawyer towards his (spanish) student is apparent and at times exciting, but in the end when they try to tie it all up, it’s mostly… uninteresting and at the end unpassionate. This film would be completely forgettable if it weren’t for the presence of Darín, and while not a completely bad film, it is mediocre and boring many many times, even long when it doesn’t have to be that boring. The cinematography is adecuate, having one or two interesting shots when the main character seems to be under pressure, but beyond that nothing really interesting, it’s a correct film in terms of how it plays its cards, but at that it’s also boring as hell. Avoid, avoid, avoid, please, let’s just not let this happen again. Even if I say this, Darín may give here one of the best performances of the year in one of the dullest films of the year.



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