BAFICI 15º 2013

Ah, the joys of an international festival, a festival out of Chile for once! It was an incredible experience to travel from Chile to Argentina and have all the problems and money shortages that come with a cheap travel and cheap accomodations, the whole adventure was well worth everything that I did, all the money that was put into this endeavour. I wish to thank Sam Juliano and Wonders in the Dark for allowing me to use their blog as part of the project, as I covered the festival for them in three final installments of what went during those days there, those three pieces can be read right here. I wish I can come back in future years and see how this amazing festival just keeps on getting bigger, better and more famous as time goes by, the competition lineup, the Argentinian competition (that inspired a new section at my blog ‘Argentinian Cinema 2013’) and the Vanguard lineup made up for a great deal of new films, and the retrospectives made it all so much better. This was a great festival, and here I shall leave you with my summary of it.

As always, here they are, ranked, all the films I saw or that I had already seen at the BAFICI 2013, they have their title (a translation if necessary), the lineup in which they were in, a rating, and sometimes a link to a review (full reviews only, not capsule reviews from the coverage) if available. The films with boldface received some kind of award. So, go ahead, chime in and comment on what I saw!

1. The Fly (1986, David Cronenberg) (Vanguardia y Género – Retro) *****
2. The King of Comedy (1982, Martin Scorsese) (Vanguardia y Género – Retro) ****1/2
3. Cien niños esperando un tren (One Hundred Children Waiting for a Train) (1988, Ignacio Agüero) (Retrospectiva Ignacio Agüero) ****1/2
4. La libertad (Freedom) (2001, Lisandro Alonso) (Bafici+Firepresci x 15) ****1/2
5. Sueños de hielo (Dreams of Ice) (1993, Ignacio Agüero) (Retrospectiva Ignacio Agüero) ****1/2
6. Haebyeonui yeoin (Woman on the Beach) (2006, Sang-soo Hong) (Retrospectiva Hong Sang-Soo) ****1/2
7. Like Someone in Love (2012, Abbas Kiarostami) (Panorama) ****1/2
8. Nihon no higeki (Japan’s Tragedy) (2012, Masahiro Kobayashi) (Panorama) ****1/2
9. Much Ado About Nothing (2012, Joss Whedon) (Panorama) ****1/2
10. Nugu-ui ttal-do anin Haewon (Nobody’s Daughter) (2013, Sang-soo Hong) (Retrospectiva Hong Sang-Soo) ****1/2
11. Barroco (Barroque) (2013, Estanislao Buisel Quintana) (Competencia Oficial Argentina) ****1/2
12. Il futuro (The Future) (2013, Alicia Scherson) (Panorama) ****1/2
13. Viola (2012, Matías Piñeiro) (Competencia Internacional) ****1/2
14. 74m2 (2012, Tiziana Panizza, Paola Castillo) (Panorama) ****1/2
15. El otro día (The Other Day) (2012, Ignacio Agüero) (Retrospectiva Ignacio Agüero) ****1/2
16. Post Tenebras Lux (2012, Carlos Reygadas) (Panorama) ****
17. Da-reun na-ra-e-seo (In Another Country) (2012, Sang-soo Hong) (Retrospectiva Hong Sang-Soo) ****
18. Outer Space (1999, Peter Tscherkassky) (Retrospectiva Abriendo Caminos – Vanguardia Austríaca) ****
19. No (2012, Pablo Larraín) (Apertura) ****
20. Leviathan (2012, Lucien Castaing-Taylor, Verena Paravel) (Competencia Vanguardia y Género) ****
21. Habi, la extranjera (Habi, the foreigner) (2013, María Florencia Álvarez) (Competencia Oficial Argentina) ****
22. Après mai (Something in the Air) (2012, Olivier Assayas) (Panorama) ****
23. Berberian Sound Studio (2012, Peter Strickland) (Competencia Oficial Internacional) ****
24. Acá adentro (In Here) (2013, Mateo Bendesky) (Competencia Oficial Internacional) ****
25. Kujira no machi (The Town of Whales) (2012, Keiko Tsuruoka) (Competencia Oficial Internacional) ****
26. Mundo grúa (Crane World) (1999, Pablo Trapero) (Bafici+Firepresci x 15) ****
27. El crítico (The Critic) (2013, Hernán Guerschuny) (Selección Oficial – Fuera de Competencia) ****
28. Soy Mucho Mejor que Vos (Much Better Than You) (2013, Che Sandoval) (Competencia Oficial Internacional) ****
29. The Breakfast Club (1985, John Hughes) (Vanguardia y Género – Retro) ****
30. A World Not Ours (2012, Mahdi Fleifel) (Competencia Oficial Internacional) ****
31. El diario de Agustín (Agustin’s Newspaper) (2008, Ignacio Agüero) (Retrospectiva Ignacio Agüero) ****
32. Mujer lobo (She Wolf) (2013, Tamae Garateguy) (Competencia Vanguardia y Género) ****
33. Al final: La última carta (At Last: The Last Letter) (2012, Tiziana Panizza) (Panorama) ****
34. O Gebo e a Ombra (Gebo and the Shadow) (2012, Manoel de Oliveira) (Panorama) ****
35. Chiri (Trace) (2012, Naomi Kawase) (Panorama) ****
36. TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard (2013, Simon Klose) (Panorama) ****
37. Buscando la esfera del poder (Searching for the Power Sphere) (2013, Tetsuo Lumiere) (Panorama) ****
38. ¿Qué Historia es esta y cuál es su final? (What Story is this and which is its end?) (2013, José Luis Torres Leiva) (Retrospectiva Ignacio Agüero) ****
39. Vamps (2012, Amy Heckerling) (Competencia Vanguardia y Género) ***1/2
40. Leones (Lions) (2012, Jazmín López) (Competencia Oficial Internacional) ***1/2
41. El día trajo la oscuridad (Darkness by Day) (2013, Martín De Salvo) (Competencia Vanguardia y Género) ***1/2
42. Exit Elena (2012, Nathan Silver) (Competencia Oficial Internacional) ***1/2
43. Plaga zombie (Zombie Plague) (1997, Pablo Parés, Hernán Sáez) (Vanguardia y Género – Retro) ***1/2
44. Tchoupitoulas (2012, Bill Ross IV, Turner Ross) (Competencia Oficial Internacional) ***1/2
45. Mekong Hotel (2012, Apichatpong Weeresethakul) (Panorama) ***1/2
46. Los ilusos (The Wishful Thinkers) (2013, Jonás Trueba) (Competencia Oficial Internacional) ***1/2
47. Fogo (2012, Yulene Olaizola) (Panorama) ***1/2
48. Remitente: Una Carta Visual (Sender: A Filmed Letter) (2008, Tiziana Panizza) (Panorama) ***1/2
49. Dear Nonna: A Film Letter (2004, Tiziana Panizza) (Panorama) ***1/2
50. Tanta agua (So Much Water) (2013, Ana Guevara, Leticia Jorge) (Competencia Oficial Internacional) ***1/2
51. Tráiganme la cabeza de la mujer metralleta (Bring Me the Head of the Machinegun Woman) (2012, Ernesto Díaz Espinoza) (Competencia Vanguardia y Género) ***1/2
52. Su Re (The King) (2012, Giovanni Columbu) (Competencia Oficial Internacional) ***1/2
53. Les coquillettes (Maccaroni and Cheese) (2012, Sophie Letourneur) (Competencia Oficial Internacional) ***1/2
54. The ABCs of Death (2012, Various Directors) (Panorama) ***1/2
55. Dur d’être Dieu (Playback) (2012, Antoine Cattin, Pavel Kostomarov) (Competencia Oficial Internacional) ***1/2
56. Joven y alocada (Young and Wild) (2012, Marialy Rivas) (Competencia Vanguardia y Género) ***
57. Centro Histórico (Historic Centre) (2012, Aki Kaurismäki, Pedro Costa, Victor Érice, Manoel de Oliveira) (Panorama) ***
58. Locaciones: Buscando a Rusty James (Locations: Searching for Rusty James) (2013, Alberto Fuguet) (Panorama) ***
59. All This Can Happen (2013, Slohann Davies, Davis Hinton) (Panorama) **1/2


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