Chilean Cinema 2013 #8: Locaciones: Buscando a Rusty James (2013)

(Chile 2013 91m) Village Recoleta

p Silvio Canihuante, Mauricio Varela, René Martin, Noah Ornstein, Magdalena Arau d/w Alberto Fuguet c Jeremy Lamberton ed Sebastián Arriagada s Gabriel Chwojnik

Bafici 2013 has ended, yet there’s still a couple of reviews that I have to write, this chilean film was shown under the Panorama part of the festival, showing new works from stablished directors, this had the presence of its director, Alberto Fuguet, but I couldn’t stay for the Q&A and maybe you’ll know why after you read this short capsule review.

First of all, I must say that I haven’t seen ‘Rumble Fish’ (1983), but I plan to do it right after I finish this review. The thing is that this movie should work for everyone, even if they haven’t seen the so loved movie that is the axis, core and soul of this film (even going the extra mileage to actually put long scenes from the film itself inside the narrative of the essay). The thing is that this film essay fails so much is because it’s 91 minutes long, and that’s just way too much to focus on the fanatism towards one particular movie, it tries to create a narrative, some kind of structure that wants to be followed: an introduction to the way the film will play out visually and in terms of sound, an introduction by the director, an explanation of the movie, favorite characters, the city of Tampa… the voices without a name start talking about how they saw the film, what it meant to them, and there’s absolutely no critical analysis or thought put into this, just emotional responses for 90 minutes, and that can’t be salvaged as something passable, worth watching or even recommended. I don’t inmediatly put the label of failure in it because I understand what is behind it, I see the passion and the effort, but what the hell Fuguet, you can’t go saying how ‘Rumble Fish’ (1983) made you want to do what you want to do, because in the end, you’re not actually that good at what you do either, so to blame or say thanks to a film isn’t actually going to make me watch it any quicker, specially after you said that passage of your life about the literary workshop of José Donoso you attended, there’s a reason why he is the best narrative voice in Chile. Nevertheless, it got my attention on the film, even though I did fall asleep in the middle of it. There’s not much else to say here, I wish we had the names of the voices when they talked, I wished we had something besides absolute adoration and for over 90 minutes, Jesus.



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