FEMCINE 3º 2013

The third edition of the FEMCINE (the festival of women cinema) was made between the 19th and the 24th of March, and it was an incredible experience for those who attended, because it was a completely free festival! Every movie presented here was for free, something unprecedent in these kind of festivals. There were exclusive premieres and showings, as well as some classics and re-runs from other years. I wish I could attend a couple more screenings but I was really caught up with work, maybe next time!

So here we have my usual rundown: the movies that played that I’ve seen, a translation of the title if aplicable, the section in which it played and a rating, there’ll be a link to a review if there’s one available. I hope that the festival grows more and more with time. Enjoy!

1. Las mujeres del pasajero (Women of the Passerby) (2012, Patricia Correa, Valentina Mac-Pherson) (Muestras Realizadoras Nacionales) ****1/2
2. 74m2 (2012, Tiziana Panizza, Paola Castillo) (Muestras Realizadoras Nacionales) ****1/2
3. Aquí Estoy, Aquí No (Here I Am, Here I’m Not)(2012, Elisa Eliash) (Muestra Realizadoras Nacionales) ****
4. Sibila (2012, Teresa Arredondo) (Muestra Realizadoras Nacionales) ****
5. El salvavidas (The Lifeguard) (2011, Maite Alberdi) (Muestra Realizadoras Nacionales) ****
6. Leontina (2012, Boris Peters Leal) (Ellas por Ellos) ****
7. El Cajón (The Coffin) (2012, Verónica Quense) (Muestra Realizadoras Nacionales) ****
8. Tráiganme la cabeza de la mujer metralleta (Bring Me the Head of the Machinegun Woman) (2012, Ernesto Díaz Espinoza) (Ellas por Ellos) ***1/2
9. Hysteria (2011, Tanya Wexler) (Película Inaugural) ***1/2
10. Blokes (2010, Marialy Rivas) (Muestra Cine X Mujeres) ***


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